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Many of you who know me well enough, know that I had been a teacher over the years.

The train station above has special meaning to me as it fills volumes of stories for many children’s lives- parents divorcing, emotional distress and economic hardships.

I had one such student several years ago who was bright and talented but suffering from the break up of his parents. He loved the school drama club; but with the economic challenges of his family, had no money to enroll in the school district’s theater summer camp. I wrote out a check to cover his cost for that summer and as things go, time marched on.

Fast forward several years later, my wife, Carol and I were waiting on the train platform one afternoon years later to attend the Broadway Show, “Hairspray” in New York City. Sitting on one of the station benches was this same student I had several years earlier. We began to chat and got re-acquainted. I was astonished to find out that this young man had graduated from New York University in theater and now was on Broadway himself!

So the moral of the story, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s memory is- No matter what occupation you’re in, it’s all about relationships you create and how you can make a difference in someone’s life just by doing something small…

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How much would these five perks be worth to you and the overall success of your senior community or senior provider organization?

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At the Southside Business Men’s Club meeting on Wednesday I got reacquainted with my friend, Dr.Angela Washington.  Angela has held several key donor positions over the years in service to very noteworthy organizations like Community Hospice & Palliative Care, St. Vincent’s Health Care Foundation and was a volunteer chaplain at Baptist Health Hospital South.

Always looking for greater challenges to serve our community,Angela has taken on the responsibility of Major Gifts Officer at City Rescue Mission.and coming up on her 1st anniversary with City Rescue Mission.

Angela asked me to share her message with you, my audience…

CRM invites you to support our 10th Annual Champion’s Challenge Golf Tournament on Monday, August 27th 2018 at the beautiful Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass. This is an opportunity to play on one of the finest courses in the country while supporting the services of the mission to assist homeless and needy individuals of Northeast Florida living on the streets, and equip them to lead successful livesAnne Nimnicht is the committee chair for CRM’s 10th annual tournament and joined by Dan Hicken, who is serving as our co-chairman.  We believe, with your help, the 10th Annual Champion’s Challenge Tournament will be the best tournament yet and provide much needed support for City Rescue Mission and those they serve.

It is almost impossible to ride through Jacksonville without seeing the homeless first hand and realizing the need and the importance of the programs administered by the City Rescue Mission. We are reaching out to our friends, key vendor partners and other colleagues to ask for your support of the City Rescue Mission, one of the oldest and most effective non-profit organizations committed to serving the homeless and addicted of Northeast Florida. City Rescue Mission was started by local businessmen in 1946 who wanted to help those who were in need. Today, the Mission has served thousands of men, women and children as they provide addiction recovery, meals, shelter, and clothing for the community.

In 2017 alone:

  • 224,222 meals were served
  • 71,657 nights of safe shelter provided
  • 1,182 free medical visits
  • 496 free dental services provided
  • 97% of CRM students found full or part-time employment
  • 526 people received case management to exit homelessness

The Lifebuilders and Workforce Development program typically run between 12-16 months and more than 70% of adults who complete the program remain clean, sober and employed compared to the national average of 27%. City Rescue Mission is an independent 501(c)3 who accepts no government funding for programming.

Would you please consider a sponsorship, put a team together or donate a silent auction item that will help us make this year’s event a success?  City Rescue Mission thank you in advance for your vital support that truly makes a difference in the lives of so many.    Please contact Sarah Soule, Public Relations, Marketing & Events Coordinator at 904.421.5141 or

Angela A. Washington, Ph.D.

Major Gifts Officer

City Rescue Mission

426 S. McDuff Avenue

Jacksonville, FL 32254

Direct: 904.421.5147

Cell: 904.477.0588






Al Bagocius

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Meet an acquaintance of mine, Kathleen Floryan, who turned into a friend yesterday at Paneras. Kathleen contacted me to give me a book her collegiate friend from Ohio State University, Tina Marrelli wrote on Caregiving…

Since I’ve been branded as “The Seniors Guide Guy,” I take it as an honor to help and participate in everything senior.

Kathleen’s gesture of giving me Tina’s book is only the beginning of the story.  On a networking and strategic alliance side, it’s great to share your colleagues accomplishments, like what Kathleen did with Tina’s book; it shows you care about those who you associate with.

More deeply, I came to understand Kathleen’s background as an administrator as a home care agency in Ohio and then upon her husband’s retirement, relocating to North Florida to becoming the administrator at St. Augustine Surgery Center.

Kathleen’s experience in healthcare, deeply embedded with caring for others, has given her the competitive edge in real estate sales where, as in any business, customers want to be cared for.

I liked Kathleen’s take on the 5 stages of housing in our lives…

  1. First House- Getting Married, Starting a Family
  2. Move-Up House- Establishing a Family and Career
  3. Trophy House- Apex of Career, Height of Income Availability
  4. Down-Sized House- Empty Nesting
  5. Out House- Aging in Place with Assistance…

Knowing what stage of housing her customers are in, allows Kathleen to be the connection the customer is looking for.

To sum it up simply…We are all caregivers; no matter what business we’re in; read about Care giving in Tina’s book; the transferable skill sets of giving care will help ensure the success of any business.

Kathleen can be reached  via cell at 904.687.5146, e-mail at Visit her website at and like her Facebook page at


Al Bagocius




Whether you are a golf fan or not, we all should be proud of The Players Championship about to begin here in North Florida.  The spectacular draw to our area has a far deeper consequence than just the game of golf; it is the highlight of the generous giving from the deep corporate wells to the sweat equity that over 2,000 volunteers bestow upon the event.

The Players Championship’s charitable fundraising exceeded $8.7 million dollars last year, up from $8,5 million dollars the previous year. That alone, is reason enough for many volunteers to come back every year with a passion to serve.

One volunteer, Bob Zinsser, President, of Get in the Game SE, LLC ; a performance improvement organization headquartered here in Jacksonville is celebrating his 10th year of service the the TPC.

Here’s Bob Zinsser in his own words, why he volunteers and why he’ll continue to serve in the foreseeable future…

I have been a volunteer for quite awhile, this my 10th year. I got involved through my now wife as she has been volunteering for 15 years. We are both Co-Chairs on the Corporate Hospitality Committee.

I volunteer because it is my way of helping, through The Players, so many organizations in need in the Jacksonville, FL Community. Last year The Players raised $8.7 Million that goes back directly to local charities and non-profits in need.

Additionally, people who volunteer so much of their time are a very cool group of people to be around. We are a very giving, helpful, and a proud group who participate in this highly visible event here in Jacksonville.

When we see each other once a year, it’s hugs, kisses and the feeling of belonging to a special fraternity. I am very proud to be associated with The Players and will be for as long as I can move.

People from all backgrounds and all ages are part of this special “family”. Every year we get some new volunteers and get a chance to make new friends – for life.

If you happen to attend the TPC this week, stop and thank the volunteers; they are making a difference for those in our community who are in need.


Al Bagocius


Being able to toot your own horn is an important ingredient in growing your own business.  Recently, I challenged Angela Green of CareMateSolutions to, in fact, do just that. I believe she did a superb job! Take a read…

“CareMateSolutions is a locally owned and operated agency providing non-medical supportive services to the aged and disabled adults.  The goal of CareMateSolutions is to be the solution for individuals desiring to keep their independence and to remain in the comfort of their own home.

Angela Green , the owner, has joyfully had the privilege of caring for patients of all ages for over 28 years.  She has always had the passion to provide genuine care to those in need of her services.  “ I recognize the rarity of genuine care in our society, so it is my goal to push through this rarity by setting an example in my industry and my searching out caregivers that have the same desire in providing care.   Though I am running a business,  I truly believe everything about business is personal therefore, I strive to take a genuine interest in each client by always having a sincere appreciation for their time and by always providing compassionate care”.

CareMateSolutions serves the following counties Baker, Duval, Clay, Flagler, Nassau , St. Johns and Volusia.  Some of our services includes companionship/sitter, housekeeping, meal planning/ preparation, errands/shopping, medication and appointment reminders. We customized plans to fit your needs and budget.   Visit our website for more information at or Call us at 904-600-3100″


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Estate Planning for your pets? How cool is that! Check out what attorney Caroline Emery has to say…

“As a passionate pet lover, my holistic approach includes pets in my Estate Planning (Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Wills, etc.), Probate, and Guardianship practice.

Can you imagine the emotional trauma a pet goes through when losing its parent? In addition to dealing with painful separation anxiety, a pet may have to also deal with a new parent (“guardian”) that was given inadequate instructions, adding to the trauma.

All too often, pet parents don’t think twice about spending money on a pet’s medical bills and grooming needs year after year, but then overlook making reliable plans to adequately secure the pookie’s health and happiness for the pet’s remaining lifetime in case something suddenly happens. Do you have a plan? Are you sure it’s reliable?

For example, guardians usually don’t know every single detail about the pets. My 10-page pet instructions manual exclusively offered to my clients are comprehensive and designed to fully prepare the guardian, which minimizes the pet’s trauma.

Also, many families are surprised to learn that the guardian that the incapacitated or deceased person had lined up is either unwilling OR unable to take care of the pets. Furry family members end up homeless at a vet or shelter because the intended guardians are unable to follow through – perhaps due to financial hardship, due to a new love interest with allergies, or because there is a new pet that does not get along with the orphan-pet, to name a few reasons.

Recently, I’ve personally encountered a pet’s homelessness three times. These pets were dropped off at a vet because a guardian could not take care of the pet, contrary to promises made to the decedents. One guardian was a trusted friend; the other two were adult children of two different decedents. One vet’s office was asking everyone who came into the office if they could take the pet, another posted a notice on the “nextdoor” neighborhood e-mail circulation, and the third posted pleas on Facebook. The dogs looked really sad. Think about their trauma. If only the pet parents had someone like me to help them make better plans before their sudden demise.

So, protect your fur baby’s future now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. For more information or a consultation for your own estate planning or guardianship needs or to plan your pet’s future, contact me at:
(904) 265-4654
1830 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207
Caroline Emery, Attorney at Law, PLLC
Estate Planning for the Entire Family, Including Pets
Probate, Advance Directives, Guardianships, & Estate & Pet Care Plans”


Al Bagocius

VP of Business Development
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Welcome to my third installment of blog postings where my fellow senior providers share their story of why they are so passionate about being in the senior market.

If you would like to share your story on your career transitioning to serving seniors, contact me at
What you are about to read is not for the faint of heart; a most challenging life story that can only be described as pushing boulders up a hill.
Yesterday I had the sincere pleasure of sitting down with Hans Boehm, owner and agency administrator of  Health Assist, Personal Home Health Care. We previously met last Thursday at Harbor Chase of Mandarin’s grand opening celebration.
Here are Hans Boehm life’s bullet points he shared with me that have led him to where he is today…
1992  Graduated from Jacksonville University
1996  Graduated from Louisiana State University Law School (LSU)
1996  Admitted to the Florida Bar
1996  Started Career in financial services
2000  Promoted to Senior Vice President
2005  Wife Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
2007  Wife qualified for Social Security Disability
2013  Labor Day Weekend, 30 year old son passed away (accidental death)
2013  90 days after 1st son died, 32 year old son passed away
2014  Father passed away from Lewy body Dementia (exposed to home health care, hospice, home care)
2017  Moved to Jacksonville in the Fall (sold home in Palm Coast, lived there 15 years)
2018  January, opened new Home Health Care Agency (Health Assist)
Many of us truly believe our experiences, challenges and heartbreaks make us stronger, better and more devoted in helping others.
Today, Hans is on a crusade to help CNAs earn a living wage in health care field and provide 5 star quality home health care to the greater Jacksonville community.
His goal is to expand to 5 locations in the greater Jacksonville area by 2020.
Here’s Han Boehm’s contact information…
Health Assist (Personal Home Health Care)
hans boulder


Welcome to my second installment of blog postings where my fellow senior providers share their story of why they are so passionate about being in the senior market.

If you would like to share your story on your career transitioning to serving seniors, contact me at


Meet Julie Combs, RN Administrator of HomeLife Personal Care. A routine medical procedure 40 years ago that left her brother disabled, set the stage for her passion to help others. Julie has had a stellar career as a regional director of a large home care agency 
A few years ago, Julie’s husband had a stroke that forced Julie to refocus her career efforts closer to her home front.

Here’s Julie Combs in her own words…

“My sisters and I started the company. 40 years ago we had a little brother who became severely disabled following a tonsillectomy at the age of 9. The event changed all our lives in every way a family’s life can possibly be changed.
As we all grew older and left home, care fell to my mother. There weren’t really a lot of options for personal care in those days and really good help was hard to find. We did the best we could to relieve her but we married and moved away as life happened.
We all went into careers that focused on caring for others. Our mother cared for Robbie for 27 years following the incident. He passed away in 2005.
Fast forward to 2015 and my vibrant 61 year young husband had a devastating stroke. 2 years later he has not fully recovered and needs help at home when I am not there. I had a wonderful job that I loved as a Regional Director of a Home Health agency. I was responsible for 16 agencies in 10 counties and often arose at 4:00 am to assist my husband to get dressed and have breakfast so that I could get to my many meetings and agencies on time.
It was a rigorous schedule and it became more and more difficult for me to leave town and leave my husband on a regular basis. I had caregivers to assist us. Some were great and some were not great. The stress level was high. Since my husband and I  had settled in Jacksonville a few years ago after 30 years of traveling with the military, my sisters and I have been reunited. We decided together that now was the time to put all our years of care-giving knowledge and Nursing knowledge together and start our own business.
We seek to hire the best caregivers we can find . We provide ongoing training to ensure that when a client calls HomeLife they receive a caregiver who is highly qualified and able and willing to assist that client to stay safely in their own home. We provide CNA’S and HHA’S for Personal Care,Companions and Homemakers. They can perform light housekeeping,Go on Walks, Run errands,take clients grocery shopping ,cook meals and of course provide personal care such as bathing,dressing and assistance walking. Our tagline is “We take your HomeLife very seriously.”
Here’s Julie’s contact information…
Julie Combs RN Administrator                                                             
HomeLife Personal Care



Welcome to my first installment of blog postings where my fellow senior providers share their story of why they are so passionate about being in the senior market.

Meet Leslie Graves, previously a Care Manager and Physical Therapist Assistant at Brookdale. Leslie saw the struggles her patients and family were challenged with and decided to transition to the heart of the matter; the financial side, that for many, is the determinant for quality of care.
If you would like to share your story on your career transitioning to serving seniors, contact me at
Here’s Leslie in her own words…
 “I have recently transitioned to the insurance and financial service industry coming from a healthcare background.
While I am new to the industry, I chose to partner with New York Life because of their long-standing history & financial strength. I have mentorship available unparalleled to others.
After witnessing the impact of healthcare based on finances, I felt restrained how I could truly help people. I became compelled to want to help people from a different angle. I am passionate about helping people and am prepared to protect their financial goals and quality of life moving forward.”
Here’s Leslie’s contact information…

Al Bagocius
VP of Business Development


Meet Betty J.Bennett, Ph.D and CCMT (Certified Canine Message Therapist). Here’s Betty in her own words that have brought her out of retirement to where she is today…

“Horse girl… that is what I would have told you as a child if you’d asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. After observing a surgery on a dog at age 19, I decided against the veterinarian idea. Now, after a 30+ year career in education I now return to my animal instincts. As I learn through my study and experience in practice, I see more each day the benefits that massage brings to these beloved dears. I’ve seen healing, pain relief, rehabilitation, and general increase in quality of life in dogs with happy owners. That’s all I need to know I’m doing the right thing. By the way, at 58 and retired, working with my 4 legged best friends, I’m never growing up!”

Read more on one of Betty’s patients, Marlee, a 5-year-old female Chihuahua/Bull Dog mix… 

“Marlee is a 5-year-old female Chihuahua/Bull Dog Mix. Marlee lives with her mother, Megan, and a cat named Bob. Megan’s Mother, Donna, is also very present in the family. Marlee has always been active. Unfortunately, after jumping down from a table, she herniated a disc in her spine (Type I Intervertebral Disk Disease – IVDD). She was paralyzed at first, but through confinement and rest in her crate as well as laser treatments by her Veterinarian, Marlee was better able to move around. However, her movement was still limited in her hind limbs.


I first met Marlee, her Mom, and Grandmother at her Vet’s office. Marlee’s hind limbs were extremely weak, especially her right. As Megan held her and I took pictures, it was difficult for Marlee to keep both hind limbs on the table as they slid to the edge as she stood. I asked if Megan could walk her on the floor so I could do a gait analysis, but Megan told me that Marlee would only drag her hind limbs. Marlee impressed me as a sweet dog who seemed as though she would like to play given the right circumstance. Both Megan and Donna seemed genuinely concerned for Marlee and wanted her restored to good health. We set a time to begin treatment the following day.

When I arrived at Megan’s home, Marlee was in a large cage on the floor in the living room complete with toys and a comfy bed. She barked excitedly. This had been Marlee’s home most of the time to keep her from injuring herself further in the house. Megan opened Marlee’s cage and she immediately came out wanting to play. She could move fairly well with her hind limbs in such condition. I sat on the floor and pet her as Megan tried to keep her as still as possible. Marlee definitely wanted to play! She is such a sweet girl!”

“Megan assisted as I videoed Marlee’s movements. From the back, when the picture was stilled, Marlee’s hind limbs made a perfect arch with her feet being about 15 or so inches apart, wider than her front limbs. When she moved, sometimes she sort of leap frogged; hopping with her hind limbs in unison using her front limbs as leverage. At other times, she would step with her right hind leg, and the knee would bow out laterally as she stepped. In addition, her hind legs would occasionally each slide laterally out from under her at different times, sometimes simultaneously, as she tried to step.

I worked with Marlee on 5 ocassions over the next two weeks. During this time, we had a few triumphs such as Marlee being able to jump onto the couch for the first time since the accident as well as walking from one end of the adjacent couches to the other. At our last session, I saw much less of the “frog-hopping” and more walking. I also didn’t see her hind limbs sliding out from under her as before.

Marlee was more controlled in her movement. By this I mean that the back portion of her body seemed to be more connected to where her front portion was directing. The laser treatments and massage were doing their job in getting this beautiful creature back to her natural state of being.

Marlee is now back to a normal doggy-life and free of her confinement. Megan and Donna are thrilled that they have their baby back. It is sad that some pet parents, confronted with an obstacle such as this, choose to put the dog down rather than pursuing treatment. Many thanks to Dr. Shostek at St. Bernard’s Animal Hospital for performing the Laser Treatments as well as to Megan and Donna for the TLC and hope they gave to Marlee. Most of all, credit goes to Marlee for her hard work and perseverance. The spirit of a dog has no boundaries!”

To Contact Betty…

Betty J. Bennett, Ph.D., CCMT
Ruff Rubs Canine Massage Therapy and Acupressure
(904) 903-1234





Al Bagocius


Yesterday, I received this open letter from a well known disabled veteran in our community who wishes to remain anonymous, but would like to reach all of us. Please read, like and share his post as we quickly approach Veterans Day where we should honor all Veterans; especially those who continue to struggle…

“An Open letter to family, friends and care givers:

Once upon a time, we were all high achievers but today we have small achievements like getting out of bed, brushing our teeth, getting dressed or even keeping up with the conversation. Lets play word find on steroids; where every word is all scrambled up in your head and you have to pick one. BUT, that one that you pick, may not fit what your trying to say or mean.

We are caught up in the vicious cycle called “The Medical Field” where most are “practicing” medicine. Not to mention, the over abundance and managing of medicines that contributes to added side of effects from one medicine to the next. Additionally, how about the Insurance premiums, Co-pays, deductibles, pre-post authorizations, and max limit for rehab visits, medical necessity, Medicare and Medicaid. Oh wait, Are you sure you need that brain, arm, leg, eye, foot, toe, or finger?

We can best describe our time in public as an overwhelming bumper car high speed race that NASCAR fans would love to see and be proud of.

We are commonly viewed as “damaged”,“slow”, “not with it”, and perhaps no added value. The left side of the body works but the right side doesn’t. Oh wait a minute, the right side of the body works but the left side doesn’t. Oh no! now we are really confused, so sometimes nothing works.

We use special devices to make things a bit easier. Such as: word find and special computer software for the deaf and blind, braces, walkers, canes ETC. But wait, we all don’t want to be noticed or be a burden so how do we hide?

We sometimes forget; the peanut butter with the jelly, taking our medicine, combing our hair, wiping the seatie if we peetie, saying thank you or please, or being in a good mood.

If no-one can figure out whats wrong with us they easily say we are crazy and/or old. OH Hey maybe another pill.

We fight a daily battle inside our brains that will make any war seem like a walk in the park.

We love YOU harder and deeper. 
We appreciate everything you do for us.
We are still in there But, sometimes we don’t even know where “there” is.
We are easily frustrated because every situation seems monumental to us. It’s NOT YOU!
We like to hang out with positive and upbeat people. Even though some of us cannot really see them.
We sometimes search for answers that perhaps cannot and may never be found. But, giving up is not an option for us.
We sometimes do things that we know we are not fully able to do. But, we will TRY and yes maybe we will get hurt. 
We understand that it is all just as hard for you as it is for us. Sometimes even harder.
The little touches, a smile, some soft, comforting and reassuring words go a LONG WAY.

Sincerely and with love,

From: US
Written by anonymous.”


Al Bagocius