Sometimes an initial meeting with a prospective client over a Starbucks coffee turns into a life changing event. I was so impressed with Anna Jung when we met on Tuesday, and her devotion to an education foundation that I asked her to be my guest blogger…

The organization we work with over the summer hosting foreign exchange students is Education First’s Educational Homestay Program, which is the non-profit arm of Education First. More info about EF and this program can be found at

Anyone interested can reach us directly or by going onto the website at where they can provide their info and we will be contacted by our corporate office to follow up.

The summer’s program is where students, 9-13 years old are visiting the Orange Park area for 12 days. There are other programs involving different sites and age groups in the Jacksonville area as well, and we are in contact with those Program Leaders on a regular basis.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to the family in addition to the experience itself.

  • Help a young person from another country realize their dream. Make international friends for life.
  • Short-term commitment for a long term cultural gain for your household.
  • Open your children’s eyes to a new culture and help them become internationally aware global citizens.
  • Encourage cultural awareness and global understanding in your community.
  • Host Family’s children have the potential to earn community service hours.
  • Earn discounts on your personal travel, as well as discounts on EF Tours and au pair services.

We are routinely at the Eagle Landing Market that Sylvia organized (the first Saturday of the month in Oakleaf) and the Orange Park Farmer and Arts Market (the first Sunday of the month at Town Hall). We participate in other markets and venues in the area in our efforts to locate host families for the 51 Chinese students and 3 adult chaperones/teachers who will be here from 7/14-25 this summer; just look for the pink tent!


Thank you so much for helping spread the word!


Anna Jung can be reached at





Al Bagocius


Here are 5 strategies and reality checks to ride the Rails of Success in 2017; to get and keep customers…

  1.  Customers travel on their buying journey any or all of the daily 24/7/365 cycle, so how do you reach them in all the time variants? The old 9 to 5 gig evaporated a long time ago. Become a social media maniac…that’s where your customers and ptrospects work and play.
  2. “Like” and “Follow” each of your prospect’s or customer’s organizational Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Your presence in the group will be noticed.
  3. Write a “helpful” and/or “educational” blog  that rarely mentions your’s or your company’s/organization’s name and ask them to subscribe. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  4. Apply what I call the “Duracell Principle”…shine your proverbial flashlight on others, highlighting the good things they are doing and accomplishing. Everyone likes a cheerleader.
  5.  Those salespeople who take the bumps out of the customer’s buying journey and create a smooth ride become the most memorable and widely used vendors.

What are some of your strategies to capture opportunities to profitably serve your customers?

Al Bagocius

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If you’re in the Jacksonville and the surrounding North Florida area, you’ve probably know or heard of Doug Wilder. Doug is celebrating his 23rd year of his business, Wilder Business Success, Inc. Like many here in North Florida, I too, have benefitted from a consultation from “The Wildman!”

Checkout Doug’s LinkedIn profile at

Here’s are some compelling reasons to contact Doug…Are you ready to laugh again? Are you wanting better results selling your services, products, or ideas? Are your relationships (business and personal) not what you want them to be? Could you live your life more to its full potential? For over 20 years I have coached hundreds of people to improve their futures. Imagine, what would be the impact if everyone had a coach to encourage and nudge him or her to greatness?

Here’s a message I recently received from Doug. I am honored to share Doug’s message with you…

“Here we are in December!  

It is time to refocus, regain momentum, and run as fast as you can. 

Even with this season of wonderful personal distractions, take some time during December to wrap up 2016 with a fancy bow and move on to planning the new year before it hits. “

Here are 6 steps to creating your great, exciting 2017 Plan. 

1.  Decide what you want.  Dream big and bold. 

2.  Date your dream; when do you want it to come true.

3.  Determine what you will do to earn your dream.

4.  Document it on paper or digitally.

5.  Detail it by developing strategies and timelines, in writing.

6.  Do it now, getting started immediately, with self-confidence and courage.

The difference between your winning and losing in business or life is determined by your focus and attitude. 

Success is a choice emanating from knowing what you want and the self-confidence to get it. 

Your successful 2017 is right around the corner.  Get the jump on it! 

Make your 2017 sensational!  Do it now!  Focus … attitude … success!! “

Doug can be reached at

Here’s wishing us all a Happy,Healthy and Successful New Year!

Al Bagocius


Does your LinkedIn Profile resemble this mess?


How long has it been since you changed anything on your LinkedIn profile?

Here’s 5 Easy steps to improve your LinkedIn Profile.


Start off by writing an inviting reason why people should connect with you. Remember; LinkedIn’s not your resume. Read 20 resume positioned LinkedIn profiles and you’ll be cured of insomnia.


Get a picture…a real picture of yourself; one that people would believe in. Remember; LinkedIn’s not a beauty contest!


Get rid of the groups you belong to that offer you no benefit. Switch your Groups out; choose groups that reflect not only your profession but your hobbies and or passions Get involved! Participate in discussions, start discussions! Remember, LinkedIn is not for isolationists!


Respond and Respect! LinkedIn’s not a cocktail party…it’s an elevated form of communication within social media; your content reflects what you would like to look like in the mirror


Be real, be yourself, be giving to others, and remember; People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

Visit your fellow connections’ profiles, ask for help and draw from the best to begin the New Year and the New You of your own LinkedIn Profile today!


Al Bagocius
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School of Business

From my LinkedIn archives, a  retort from Gary Bloom worth re-noting…

“There are twenty-two words in four sentences that underpin (and that can potentially replace) every MBA course worldwide.

These four sentences do NOT require the clocking up of major debt, nor do they require giving up two years of your life.

You simply need to apply them in your business. Here they are:

People appreciate and remember genuine value.
Genuine value creates personal trust.
Personal trust drives repeat sales.
Repeat sales generate long-term revenue.

Is this super simple?


Can simple be effective?

Yes, I believe it can. Why?

Because the belief that in order to be effective, education must be complex and expensive … is a myth. Naturally, this notion may not win me too many friendsin higher education. Oh well …

Master the simple four sentence process outlined above and you’ll be on the gravy
train for the rest of your career. Screw it up or ignore it … and oh dear, oh dear …!”

Gary Bloom @



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The longest lasting gifts for your clients for the Holidays…Here’s my suggestion that I have used with my clients over the years
Approach one of your community’s nonprofits that your clients are passionate about and support…
Make a donation to that organization and tell them that your contribution is in honor of your specific client(s)…
Give them names and addresses and ask them to send your chosen client(s) a “Thank You” letter stating that a donation was made in their honor by you, as an appreciation for their business they have given you throughout the year…
That’ll make a far greater and longer lasting impression than many other gifts your clients will be receiving from other vendors.
Al Bagocius

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For many of us, Fridays are for winding down, discussing plans  for the weekend and begin the rattling of the car keys an hour before closing time.

What if I tell you TGIF can be an income producing strategy, thus reducing your debt and making you, your family; and of course your boss very happy.

Having been in sales and owned a business for over 35 years; I know from talking to customers over the years, that the inbound cold calls from salespeople on Fridays really drop off after 11:30 A.M. Long lunches and knocking off early ensue.

Here is what happens to customers on Friday afternoon…

  1. Managers wait until the last minute to give your end customers things to order, projects to complete and search for vendors for an upcoming event
  2. Your customers are trying to come up with a new idea for their company and wish they had had someone to brainstorm with.

I am sure you can add to the list…

So, when it’s TGIF…SLOT…Stop Leaving Opportunities on the Table and claw into some new business!




Al Bagocius

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