Sgt Randall Hansen USMC, a veteran of two combat tours of duty in Fallujah, Iraq. He returned suffering from PTSD and succumbed to the demons that haunted him. Randall was a resident of Jacksonville. He was a graduate of Fletcher HS, became a student at UNF, before being deployed again to combat in Iraq.

Regarding our fallen heroes; memorializing those who fell on the battlefield of war and not those who post facto fought the good fight and lost their lives on the battlefield of  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)…What say you? 

Consider this from Jarrod Smith;  Director of Operations, Irreverent Warriors of Jacksonville FL, “Statistics show veterans take their lives, at the rate of 20 per day, 6 of those lost, were in VA care for at least one year, prior to their death; the other 14 were not. The Veterans Affairs Department is ratcheting up efforts to address the high rate of suicide. They are bringing in mental health experts, affected families and advocates to help formulate a plan. Although this is a step in the right direction it is not enough. It is incumbent upon all Americans; veterans, families, friends, citizens – along with the agencies of government, to overcome all barriers and to bring the needed public attention to this tragedy. Many suicides are preventable…. One veteran suicide is one too many.” 


My guest blogger on this subject is Robert (Bob)  Adelhelm  LtCol USMC, retired. Here’s Bob in his own words…

“The below is from a Gold Star Mom…We need to deal with this issue right here in Jax; this is what the Sgt Hansen effort is all about.  Adding him to the wall/ bringing attention to this issue.  One would think Jacksonville as a Military and Veteran heavy community would be setting the example for others to follow.

A story has recently been published about a Marine who was stationed at Camp Pendleton and committed suicide due to the PTSD he endured after returning from his deployment in Afghanistan. After the Marines death, his mother attempted to get his name engraved on a local memorial for fallen soldiers. The memorial denied her request, explaining that it only engraves the names of soldiers that appear in the Department of Defenses official list of those who died in combat. Despite her best efforts of fighting to get her sons name on the wall, the grieving mother did not succeed in getting the memorial to look past this policy.

Unfortunately, many other military families share a similar story. Over the last year, more US service members were found to have taken their own lives than killed in combat. Yet, soldiers who die as a result of illness triggered by PTSD and/or suicide are not included on the memorial walls across this country that claim to honor all veterans. I find this issue incredibly troubling and something that needs to be addressed.

It is troubling and we need to address it. Sgt Hansen’s family is one of those families right here in Jacksonville. The system let their son down and one can only hope and pray  their community will not do the same.  

Unlike the mentioned memorial that only allows combat deaths to be engraved, Jacksonville allows anyone who died or was killed while on active duty regardless of whether in was combat related.  It also seems here in Jacksonville we have allowed active duty servicemen who did not have a home of record from Jacksonville to be engraved on our wall.  Maybe it is time we start including those from Jacksonville who served honorably and succumbed to PTSD to be engraved and remembered for their service. They should not be forgotten for there service; like Sgt Hansen many of them were combat Veterans with multiple combat tours as trigger pullers.

The city needs to add Sgt Hansen USMC to the wall and consider all those who have succumbed to the invisible wounds of war.  


Let our Mayor know these Veterans need to be recognized for their service and sacrifice on the Veterans Memorial Wall.”

Consider signing Jerrod’s petition to honor Sgt Randall Hansen… http://www.thepetitionsite.com/330/642/373/put-sgt-hansen-on-the-jacksonville-veterans-memorial-wall/?taf_id=27279799&cid=fb_na#bbfb=876710242



Both Bob and Jerrod are members of Vets4Vets Jacksonville. Please like their Facebook page and offer your support at https://www.facebook.com/Vets4VetsNJax/


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Here’s a question I asked my fellow members in my LinkedIn Groups…”If customers are loyal to a brand or a business because they are emotionally attached to you, then…What would be your suggestions for building those emotional connections with your customers?”


Scott Schilbrack, the man from C.A.R.E. (Customers Are Really Everything) has a few suggestions…

“You have to put some feeling into it! And treat people like family. Customers can instinctively smell a phony. Find a few causes that you truly believe in and are inline with your brand, supporting local fire and police departments is a good one for an insurance agency, supporting efforts to do business with other locally owned businesses is especially good if you are one, and pour your heart into making a real difference to those organizations. When your values and charitable efforts are sincere and in-line with your clients they will feel it and appreciate it. Consistency in contributing is step 2. And spanning time is step 3. Each is easier said than done. They get progressively harder but bear greater fruit.”

Scott posted great “stuff” here! Treating customers like family!


I am reminded of one of my customers …Gartner- the world’s largest IT/CIO consultancy firm. I connected them with local schools and many non profit organizations. I helped them distribute their old office equipment & supplies to these organizations…They redid their employee gym and donated their old gym equipment to a local high school’s football team.

Making your customers look good in their community goes a long way in keeping yourself on your customer’s radar for future business!

Al Bagocius

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mi casa

One of the greatest Pleasures I have using social media is sharing the successes as well as the needs of my friends.

One such person is my friend Randy Amos; not only a long time friend but a mentor…

Many of us have gone through career transitions and started new businesses and to that end…I am sharing my social media space with my friend Randy…


Here’s Randy in his own words…


I am excited to let you know I am now associated with EXIT REAL ESTATE GALLERY here in Northeast Florida. 
For many years I owned a very successful chain of auto parts warehouses that stretched from Coast to Coast.  As such, I was deeply involved with a great deal of  real estate transactions.  Bargaining and Negotiations were a staple of these transactions.  I learned how to work with people to secure the best deal for my company and a fair transaction for all involved. 

I now bring this skill set to my clients in the Real Estate business. 

Please visit my webpage www.AmosSellsHomes.Com and you will be able to explore almost 10,000 homes that are now listed in the Northeast Florida market. You can search the MLS site as if You Are A Realtor !

I am offering You a FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) so you can have a good idea of the value of your home.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. The nature of a good real estate transaction is that EVERYBODY WINS, so please take a few minutes and browse my webpage. I hope it enhances your knowledge of our local Real Estate market.

Please contact me by email at:  Randy@AmosSellsHomes.com or my Direct Telephone Line 904-868-2579.



“Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when sought after directly.  It comes as a by product of providing a useful service.” 
          Quote From Legendary Leader and Auto Maker- HENRY FORD

“Marketing Specialist &
Real Estate Counselor”
Direct: (904) 868-2579

Be sure to drop Randy a congratulatory line or two…Randy’s e-mail address is  Randy@AmosSellsHomes.com 


Al Bagocius

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TopCare Pharmacy, literally across the street from Extension Home Care’s office, has a top shelf Marketing Director, Danielle Rogonzinski. Danielle is tops when it comes to Health Care…

A little bit about Danielle in the first person…
FullSizeRender (20)
“A native Jacksonvillian, who’s health and wellness has always been a big part of my life.  
I am the youngest of 11 grandchildren and have always surrounded myself with a well grounded support system, always putting everyone’s well-being before mine. 
As the daughter of an Orthopedic surgeon; medicine and TLC have always been an ever continuous ring of knowledge surrounding my mind and heart. 
I knew from a young age, I wanted to submerge myself in this world, and create a bond between patient, customer, and self.  Luckily TopCare has given me a new supportive family in the Clay County Area.
Check out TopCare Pharmacy’s website at http://www.topcarepharmacy.net and be sure to visit Adam Lawlor, Senior.Phrarmacist Exraordinaire!
Al Bagocius 
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Extension Home Care 
Extension Home Care, where we are an extension of YOU!
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Check out Extension Home Care’s new website! http://www.extensionhomecare.com/ 


One person, a Canadian in particular, was born on the 4th of July. His name is Brendan Myers and he turns 42 today. Myers, a doctorate philosopher and author has works that emphasize the importance of strong moral character as vital to the health and well-being of the world and society.

Unifying Myers’ approach are two basic convictions: first, that we must find the source of our ethics in ourselves (“Know thyself”), and second, that community is also indispensable. It is a philosophy not of rule-based obedience, but of character-based action. The emphasis falls not on the laws or commandments we follow, but rather on the qualities in which our characters may excel. These qualities are called virtues.

Brendan’s quote defines all things as people to  people; person to person as explained by his quote…“All our relationships are person-to-person. They involve people seeing, hearing, touching, and speaking to each other; they involve sharing goods; and they involve moral values like generosity and compassion.”  Read more on Myers at http://www.brendanmyers.net/

So why did I choose to write about Brendan Myers, a Canadian on America’s July 4th you may ask?  The sense of community and character based action Brendan Myers talks about are the ingredients that built the United States of America. They are also the most important ingredients in building an individual, a family or any other organization.

Today,  July 4, 2o16, may we all find a renewed sense of community, moving forward with character based actions that will make this world a better place for all of us!

Al Bagocius

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megan sams


As many of you know;  I recently transitioned to the healthcare profession as the Director of Care for a newly licensed home care agency; Extension Home Care. I also brought with me my 35 years of business experience as well as teaching experience that included a lot of “out of the box” adolescent problem behavior solving.

A couple of mantras that are core to my personal and professional fabric are 1) People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care and 2) a well defined purpose in life is to use your skills and talents to the best of your ability to leave this world a better place for you having being here.

An invite by Megan Sams a few months ago put my caring and networking skills into action. I was invited to attend a Vitas Lunch and Learn at Cypress Village.  When I arrived, one woman was sitting alone at a front table for which I joined her. “The woman in question,” as I quickly found out, was a major administrative director of one of the region’s largest hospitals. We wound up continuing our conversations and connection long after that lunch meeting.

Recently, “the woman in question” received a promotion and upon hearing of our license acquisition;  directed her Director of Operations and his patient referral team to meet with us; for which just happened last week.

So the morals of this story is…A) Accept Megan Sam’s invites, B) Sit in the front during Lunch and Learns next to someone who is sitting alone, and most importantly; C) Be open to learn something new from everyone you meet in an effort to continually make yourself better.

Thank You Megan Sams for the invite!

Al Bagocius 
Director of Care

Extension Home Care 
Extension Home Care, where we are an extension of YOU!
License # 29994562
Check out Extension Home Care’s new website! http://www.extensionhomecare.com/ 




cliff brotherson

A big shout out thank you to Cliff Brotherton, president of Brotherton’s Publishing for saying exactly what a lot of us are thinking…

I have just become a big fan of  Cliff’s writings…  https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/0_3JJHrSFBSrGWYQkmbT9nKJ?trk=prof-sm

Here’s Cliff’s take on the Democratic Party, Donald Trump and the state of our nation in his own words…


What a sad state of affairs when the liberal democrats have nothing to offer the American people but a communist and a criminal.

How so utterly far we have fallen as a nation. Watching this shameful display of blatant open contempt for our Founding Principles, truly breaks my heart, truly.

There was a time when my concern about the future on this nation would offer for my children, came from my worries about outside elements that wished this nation harm, but today, I see the shift in the American minority mindset that seems oblivious to history’s lessons of the past.

However the rise of Donald Trump’s popularity means that the majority of Americans feel as I do, and are doing what real Americans do: fight back against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


Be sure to visit Cliff’s LinkedIn Page at                                 https://www.linkedin.com/in/cliff-brotherton-49959850


Al Bagocius

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