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Yesterday, I received this open letter from a well known disabled veteran in our community who wishes to remain anonymous, but would like to reach all of us. Please read, like and share his post as we quickly approach Veterans Day where we should honor all Veterans; especially those who continue to struggle… “An Open […]

  All too often, we are caught up in the myriad of daily issues that we forget that we alone are our best product, best service, and yes, our passport for a better future, not only for ourselves and our families, but our communities. The old adage, “Actions speak louder than words,” describes the pathway […]

  From the Jacksonville LinkedIn Community to Mayor-Elect Alvin Brown…Ideas for improving our beloved city What recommendations would you offer to Alvin Brown regarding government improvements if you were the chairman of one of the committees? Lucille Ferry • First, find a way to stop Tallahassee from draining our resources. We send all of our tax money […]

My dear friend, Leah Oviedo, from San Diego has great tools to support the financial well-being of women nationwide with her networking site, “Investing in Women” Here’s Leah’s June Newsletter…a good read for men and women.     June 2011 Issue of the Investing In Women newsletter Encouraging Women to be Financially Independent In this issue […]

Part of my joy of being on LinkedIn, is the opportunity to help others. One of my fellow connections in the Philly area, Rosalind Fischel, is looking for further opportunities in the PR/Media Relations arena. A little about myself… Seeing and feeling beauty is more vital to me than any resulting imagery. I love the […]

If you can help my dear friend, Lucille Ferry, CEO of The Foxglove Foundation in her Pepsi Refresh project… grant writing, etc- it would be most appreciated! Here’s Lucille’s Contact Info @ Lucille Ferry, CEO/Founder The Foxglove Foundation, Inc. 904-647-9059 Linkedin @   Hi Lucille! Thanks for your participation in the Pepsi Refresh Project! […]

  Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune…Sam Walton    From Josh Sweeney @ Employees Going Above and Beyond At a recent networking event I was completely amazed when an individual contributor […]

Thinking Inside the box will help sell more tickets! Here’s 5 easy steps to increase ticket sales of your favorite team 1. Create what customers need and want- an off the shelf birthday or holiday gift 2. Package two team tickets, a team T-shirt and other related team sports items 3. Partner with your local […] If you could change one thing in your business that is impossible today, but would change your business forever what would that be? Peoples attitudes about those that have lost their homes and their jobs. People who have had these losses are looking for opportunities for new jobs, replaced housing and a little sympathy […]

  With an almost 39% increase of gang members in Jacksonville (2009-2010), There needs to be some quick “out of the box thinking” on the part of the schools. See the recent T-U article @ While spending most of my business career in Connecticut, I also worked with  schools’ pupil personnel departments in their Homebound divisions . Along with […]