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  Tomorrow, January 1st, celebrates the 26th anniversary of my boutique creative packaging and business solutions firm, The A & I Consulting Group. January 1, 1990, I started A & I (named after my two daughters, Amber & Ivory) with the intent of providing the best possible products and services from creative packaging, commercial printing […]

If you’re into print, you’ll enjoy this message from my friend, Matthew Parker… “Here is my latest collection resources that I hope you will find useful… Firstly two articles on why print is so import. Here is a great article reminding us why print should be important to marketing teams: And this one deals […]

Leah Oviedo and I have been friends within the realm of social media for several years and I happen to be one her biggest fans…as she empowers women throughout the world with her books.  Leah’s overall goals are to empower others to be self-reliant, economically independent and emotionally sound. Leah Oviedo @ in her own words… […]

Does your vendor “put skin in the game” before an order is even consummated? Having been in the information packaging business for 30 years, I have seen a lot of vendors come & go- here’s how the good ones keep their customers 1) Provides free of charge- creative ideas for your project & related production samples 2) Willing to make you hand-made prototypes to […]

This year I am celebrating 30 years as a Gartner vendor for their marketing and creative services department. “My claim to fame”  is that I am one of the longest running people who have ever served Gartner in spite of my changes in position and companies since 1981. Above is one of our projects-  the  document slip case […]

Custom Designed Sales Kits Add Further Value to an Already Valuable Product   Al Bagocius The A & I Consulting Group Creative Packaging Solutions  LinkedIn @ blog @ “We Package Your Message!”                  

    Proof that an “Army of Consumers” do march on their stomachs A little sweetness goes a long way to sell your “sizzle!”     Al Bagocius The A & I Consulting Group Creative Packaging Solutions  LinkedIn @ blog @ “We Package Your Message!”

Here’s some advice for all businesses regarding promotional packaging and sales kits- As you do with your employees- put goals on your packaging & sales kits- ie What are the expectations regarding working for your brand & increasing sales if a certain packaging or sales kit is used? What is the ROI (Return on Investment)? If this issue isn’t even addressed– then […]

Add your inspiring story about how you or someone you know turned their life around and changed their’s and others’ lives for the better! Here’s mine…Ginger Katz Ginger and her husband Larry have been personal friends of mine for many years. I have been proud to support their mission in helping teenagers and their parents […]

Restaurant Menu Covers and a Hardware Giant Over my 30 years in the creative packaging business, my clients keep coming back to me- to challenge their own conventional thinking. Case in point… Sargent Manufacturing (, part of the international conglomerate of companies of Assa Abbloy, a leader in the door hardware and security industry wanted to package their varieties […]