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Here’s a question I recently asked in my LinkedIn Groups…”The Obama Phenomenon 5 years ago was an exciting time @ What will be the historians’ perspective on the five years that followed and the Obama Presidency?” Jay Block, owner and manager of the Protean Career LinkedIn Group posted this caveat when he decided to allow discussion […]

    Jay Block Jay and I connected early on when I first became involved with LinkedIn and I have found him to be a valuable resource…he’s not only an outstanding coach but a good friend that goes that extra mile…check out his website @ Here’s his take…a sort of “the canary in […] I recently posted this article on Facebook & LinkedIn. My fellow  LinkedIn connection, Eugenia Kaneshige posted comments on Jay Block’s Protean Career Group that are a “Must Read” for those thinking about starting a business or wanting to get beyond struggling with the next step. I invite all to connect with Eugenia as I find her an […]