Welcome to my blog, an extension of my passion on LinkedIn, where I have helped my fellow connections by providing solutions to their creative packaging problems as well as fresh insights for new business & careers (www.linkedin.com/in/albagocius).  I will be sharing my 30 years of expertise in the creative packaging industry & business networking (www.aicreativepackaging.com)  to help facilitate productive synergies among my blog subscribers.

15 Responses to “About”

  1. all the best for you and your family. Heide

  2. Nice job Al! The blog is excellent.


  3. 3 Jeff Fischer

    Great extension of Linked In and I love the way you have integrated packaged graphics into your blog. KISS rules here.

    Loved the comment about Disney and being in business for your customers especially since we have traveled several times to Disneyworld and everytime I take something home with me for customers. When you are married to a travel agent you get to see their systems and how they work/ don’t work/but work for the customer to have the Disney experience. The magic lives!!!!

    All of us could use a little Disney magic dust everyday as we do business!

    All it takes is a smile.

    Have a great day!

  4. Great Blog Al! I just signed up for updates and look forward to following your words of wisdom.


  5. 5 Antoaneta Basarbolieva

    Dear Al,
    I came across your LinkedIn profile, liked it very much and began digging further- now reading your blog with a true delight. Your passion is really contagious and I would love to follow your blog. It will be a pleasure and honor to join your LinkedIn network, and if you like to connect with me kindly send an invitation on: abasarbolieva@yahoo.com. My expertise is not limited to recruitment & headhunting, and I will be glad to be of assistance, make an introduction/referral for you or anything that can make this connection meaningful.

    Thanks for time and kind regards,

    Antoaneta Basarbolieva

    Senior Recruitment Consultant
    Antal International Network


    Tel: (+356) 27 02 00 70
    Mob: (+356) 99 990 070
    Mob:(+356) 99 842 135

  6. 6 Amar Masood

    Hi Al,

    Great Blog. keep it up. I wish you and your family good luck.



  7. 7 burne hill

    Saw your work on LinkedIn and then found out your local in Jacksonville as well.

    Great to see all that you do online.

    My email on linked in is burne.hill@froo.com

    Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.

    Support equals Survival.

    God Speed.


  8. Hi, nice to meet you !

  9. Its nice to meet u here as well as in linked in. I am student of Computer Science and I am a student who believes to be updated in this technological society. Anyways it was very happy to see you, your blog and everyone who writes on your blog.
    I can be contacted at bhattaraibishwo@gmail.com

  10. 10 Rafee

    Excellent work,


  11. i didn’t realize that LinkedIn had a blog feature. i will have to check this out. thanks for sharing.

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