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Yesterday, I received this open letter from a well known disabled veteran in our community who wishes to remain anonymous, but would like to reach all of us. Please read, like and share his post as we quickly approach Veterans Day where we should honor all Veterans; especially those who continue to struggle… “An Open […]

From the “Psychology Today” article @ “Is Generation Y–or the “millennials,” as they are often referred to–less empathetic, and more self-centered than previous generations? Or is our society in general more self-centered and less empathetic?” Do you agree or disagree with these excerpts from the article…? “They are a pampered and nurtured generation, being […]

    Just think if you had bought 1000 shares of Apple stock in 1980 at $ 2.75 = $2750.00 it would be worth $600,000. today and that does not count stock divides or dividends. In 1980 minimum wage was $3.35/hour and a gallon of gas cost $1.25.   Back in 1980, the average 4 […]

  BABY BOOMER GAME MEMORY TEST! (Have a paper and pencil handy to record your answers.. Your mind isn’t as sharp as it once was!) This is NOT a pushover test. It’s a Baby Boomer era test! There are 20 questions. Average score is 12. This one will be difficult for the younger set. (DUDE!) […]