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Yesterday, I received this open letter from a well known disabled veteran in our community who wishes to remain anonymous, but would like to reach all of us. Please read, like and share his post as we quickly approach Veterans Day where we should honor all Veterans; especially those who continue to struggle… “An Open […]

 What causes work dissatisfaction? Jill Morzillo and Mary Jo Martin define the need for employer/employee relationship improvement through Adam’s Theory of Inequities…You’re invited to add your comments, too! Jill Morzillo • My top choice would be an act by either party that destroyed trust. Another reason in the top tier has to be when an employer does not understand […]

Part of my joy of being on LinkedIn, is the opportunity to help others. One of my fellow connections in the Philly area, Rosalind Fischel, is looking for further opportunities in the PR/Media Relations arena. A little about myself… Seeing and feeling beauty is more vital to me than any resulting imagery. I love the […]

  Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune…Sam Walton    From Josh Sweeney @ Employees Going Above and Beyond At a recent networking event I was completely amazed when an individual contributor […]