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Yesterday, I received this open letter from a well known disabled veteran in our community who wishes to remain anonymous, but would like to reach all of us. Please read, like and share his post as we quickly approach Veterans Day where we should honor all Veterans; especially those who continue to struggle… “An Open […]

What statement or short paragraph comes to mind when you look at the above picture for the first time? Share your thoughts and interpretations   Al Bagocius The A & I Consulting Group Creative Packaging Solutions 9838 Old Baymeadows Road # 387 Jacksonville, FL 32256 Voice Mail: 904.553.9539 e-mail @ LinkedIn @ blog […]

  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.   Ask yourself this question- “Why do my customers buy from me?”    Simple answer- They trust you! 1) to provide solutions to their needs & problems 2) to help them look good, both within the company as well as their community at […]

Recently, I posted a discussion in my LinkedIn Groups that asked, “What’s the one motivational quote you rely on when things get tough?” Here are some of the responses…add your’s too as we all can benefit from each other’s thoughts and experiences!   Sree Iyer • When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Anthony […]

  If it is always about price, then we all would be living in a different world! Here are 4 strategies you can use to empower yourself over your competition in the printing industry. 1) Timely response to my customer’s needs- a “fire in the belly” passion to help & serve. Lack of communication & response time is the […]

Recently, I asked this question in my LinkedIn Discussion Groups, “In what ways do you treat your customers and prospects that really separates yourself from your competition” Here are some responses that may help with your own competitive strategies  Kirk Harney • I have developed myself into a compulsive proofreader, and I check every job all the […]

    Here’s 5 easy steps to increase ticket sales of your favorite team 1. Create what customers need and want- an off the shelf birthday or holiday gift 2. Package two team tickets, a team T-shirt and other related team sports items 3. Partner with your local supermarkets and other retail outlets as distribution […]

  What can branding pros learn from Cracker Jack? See helpful hints @ Take a lesson from Cracker Jack & package your brand to the consumer in three easy steps 1) Make sure you have an attractive and colorful wrapper 2) Put your product in an easy access container 3) Reward your customers with a […]

Here’s a question I asked in one of my LinkedIn groups…If you were to teach a class called “Speaking Success 101”- what is the most important thing you would like your students to learn from you? Feel free to add your thoughts and read through the comments as I begin to post a total of 91 […]

The 2011 Baseball Spring Training Season is almost upon us and it reminds me that passions for the game are expressed in many ways. One such iconic expression of devotion to one’s team is David Doyle’s blog on the New York Mets @ Not only does David score high marks (in my opinion) to the template for a great […]