Forgotten, But Not Gone



Yesterday, I received this open letter from a well known disabled veteran in our community who wishes to remain anonymous, but would like to reach all of us. Please read, like and share his post as we quickly approach Veterans Day where we should honor all Veterans; especially those who continue to struggle…

“An Open letter to family, friends and care givers:

Once upon a time, we were all high achievers but today we have small achievements like getting out of bed, brushing our teeth, getting dressed or even keeping up with the conversation. Lets play word find on steroids; where every word is all scrambled up in your head and you have to pick one. BUT, that one that you pick, may not fit what your trying to say or mean.

We are caught up in the vicious cycle called “The Medical Field” where most are “practicing” medicine. Not to mention, the over abundance and managing of medicines that contributes to added side of effects from one medicine to the next. Additionally, how about the Insurance premiums, Co-pays, deductibles, pre-post authorizations, and max limit for rehab visits, medical necessity, Medicare and Medicaid. Oh wait, Are you sure you need that brain, arm, leg, eye, foot, toe, or finger?

We can best describe our time in public as an overwhelming bumper car high speed race that NASCAR fans would love to see and be proud of.

We are commonly viewed as “damaged”,“slow”, “not with it”, and perhaps no added value. The left side of the body works but the right side doesn’t. Oh wait a minute, the right side of the body works but the left side doesn’t. Oh no! now we are really confused, so sometimes nothing works.

We use special devices to make things a bit easier. Such as: word find and special computer software for the deaf and blind, braces, walkers, canes ETC. But wait, we all don’t want to be noticed or be a burden so how do we hide?

We sometimes forget; the peanut butter with the jelly, taking our medicine, combing our hair, wiping the seatie if we peetie, saying thank you or please, or being in a good mood.

If no-one can figure out whats wrong with us they easily say we are crazy and/or old. OH Hey maybe another pill.

We fight a daily battle inside our brains that will make any war seem like a walk in the park.

We love YOU harder and deeper. 
We appreciate everything you do for us.
We are still in there But, sometimes we don’t even know where “there” is.
We are easily frustrated because every situation seems monumental to us. It’s NOT YOU!
We like to hang out with positive and upbeat people. Even though some of us cannot really see them.
We sometimes search for answers that perhaps cannot and may never be found. But, giving up is not an option for us.
We sometimes do things that we know we are not fully able to do. But, we will TRY and yes maybe we will get hurt. 
We understand that it is all just as hard for you as it is for us. Sometimes even harder.
The little touches, a smile, some soft, comforting and reassuring words go a LONG WAY.

Sincerely and with love,

From: US
Written by anonymous.”


Al Bagocius

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