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Personally, I have been in the creative industry for over 34 years. My friend, Larry Flasterstein, publisher of “Creative Magazine” has been in the industry a year longer than I have and has the legacy of publishing one of the nation’s best resources for anyone looking for a product or service to better serve their […]

I asked my advertising, marketing and graphic design connections to tell me how they handle the seasonal summer slump in their businesses and what  innovative strategies do they employ to maintain their momentum. Jim Murray from  !nk Tank… a ‘boutique’ design and communications firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada made some good points…  “I think the summer slump […]

Is a packaging project better executed by a direct manufacturer or a packaging broker? See what packaging designers and other experts think… Martin Still • By a manufacture, as long that company has a well-developed front end and all the resources of an agency for problem solving and innovating and pushing packaging forward.   Kurt Domini (LION)• […]

Recently I posted a blog @ on whether to use a broker or go directly to a manufacturer for your printing and packaging needs. Pam Koehler and Debbie Simpson offer comprehensive opposing views that give you “food for thought” for your next project.   Feel free to add your comments as we further explore the issue […]

Sargent Manufacturing sales reps can now present and discuss various hardware options to designers and bulding developers over lunch using our menu style sales kit that holds the metal finish variations to choose from Imagine your sales force using a sales kit you just purchased as part of your company’s overall presentation strategy. Now imagine the […]

According to Larsen…    Packaging 10 Critical Considerations See details @   Does your product packaging capture attention? Have personality? Communicate the attributes of your brand — instantly? Is it recognizably yours? Remember: Packaging is your brand rendered in 3-D. This means that, to many customers, the product is the package — and the […]

Recently, I asked this question in my LinkedIn Discussion Groups, “In what ways do you treat your customers and prospects that really separates yourself from your competition” Here are some responses that may help with your own competitive strategies  Kirk Harney • I have developed myself into a compulsive proofreader, and I check every job all the […]

Enjoy the Kentucky Derby, May 7th… See more @ Looking for sports marketing creative packaging? We’ll be glad to help! Al Bagocius The A & I Consulting Group Creative Packaging Solutions Voice Mail: 904.367.9322 e-mail @ LinkedIn @ blog @ “We Package Your Message!”

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My passion to serve my customers & prospects  follows a simple credo- “Provide them with products & services that go beyond their expectations.” Empirically, this has created a strong desire on the part of my customers to continue their buying relationships with me, knowing full well that I will do everything possible to make their life easier. Here are […]

Here’s some advice for all businesses regarding promotional packaging- As you do with your employees- put goals on your packaging- ie what are the expectations regarding working for your brand & sales increases if a certain packaging is used. What is the ROI? If that issue isn’t even addressed- then why bother!       Packaging has many […]