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If you’re here in Jacksonville, you probably know or heard of  Doug, “The Wild Man” Wilder, the Jimmy Stewart of executive coaching… soft spoken but powerful. A few years ago, he sent me this advice;  timeless and worth sharing once again as we end another lap around the sun to begin a new year. Enjoy […]

I posted this question in my LinkedIn discussion groups, “We’ll be returning to work today after the Holiday hiatus. What are your suggestions for making your fist meeting of the year a dynamic one that will catapult staff into high gear?” Monica Moody from Atlanta came back with a 5 step action plan that can […]

2012, for many of us, has had a lot of good, bad and ugly…but one thing important to do, especially in our careers and businesses, is to be well grounded and prepared for making 2013 all that it can be… Steven Placey @ Steven Placey, one of my favorite business and career coaching gurus […]

Add your inspiring story about how you or someone you know turned their life around and changed their’s and others’ lives for the better! Here’s mine…Ginger Katz Ginger and her husband Larry have been personal friends of mine for many years. I have been proud to support their mission in helping teenagers and their parents […]

As the year winds down, how is your mindset for the New Year going to wind up? Preparation is the key to success and success is 90% attitude! Join me on my blog and share your ideas on how you are going to prepare your mindset and attitude for your success in 2011! Here’s my […]

Here’s a question I asked a group of Professional Speakers- If you were to teach a class called “Speaking Success 101”- what is the most important thing you would like your students to learn from you? Read this through a couple of times & feel the “empowerment!”    Roman Akafate • Here is the most important […]

How important are your LinkedIn Recommendations? Will your Linkedin Recommendations help bring you new business… a new job in 2011? Don’t be afraid to share your LinkedIn Recommendations… they better define you and make you more “human” in the virtual world of social media You “gotta” give some to get some! The Holiday Season is the […]

As the Holiday Season quickly approaches,  vendors & suppliers go scrambling looking for gifts for their customers. Why not incorporate the true meaning of giving into your strategy? Many nonprofits are in dire need of our donations- the economy is sluggish… so are cash flows of nonprofits. Here’s a 3-step program that will create a […]

Here’s a  Three Part New Year’s Resolution for Happiness 1)  Live your life to the fullest everyday  2) Love & respect the world around you 3) Grow yourself into new opportunities to serve others During this Holiday Season and into 2011, give the two best gifts everyone can afford to give… Do your best everyday in using your talents & […]

With only a month left to 2010, what do you need to change & improve upon to make your 2011 the best it could be? New Year’s Resolutions… Don’t make them part of another “oh-hum” moment MAKE YOUR RESOLUTIONS SMART! SPECIFIC: Your resolutions need to be specific. For example, saying that you’d like to spend […]