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I woke up this morning, the day before Thanksgiving, with a myriad of Black Friday ads in my inbox. Nobody likes to wait in long lines on Black Friday for what they want… But…Some people have to wait in long lines everyday just to stay alive… Why not also pledge a donation to your favorite […]

    Before we gorge ourselves with a Holiday meal worth a week’s rationing and attend a Black Friday sale that emulates insanity, why not plan to take the time to see our own future as the elderly and change someone’s life today…   Visit someone in a nursing home or hospital.   Let’s make this […]

Thanksgiving is coming.  How do we keep the meaning of the holiday alive beyond the food fest next Thursday? In spite of our own challenges and time constraints, what are we willing to do for our community, no matter how small, that will make where we live- a better place for all of us? I invite you […]