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Recently, I posted a discussion in my LinkedIn Groups that asked, “What’s the one motivational quote you rely on when things get tough?” Here are some of the responses…add your’s too as we all can benefit from each other’s thoughts and experiences!   Sree Iyer • When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Anthony […]

Here’s a recent question I asked in my of groups on LinkedIn… When you are on the receiving end of supplier literature delivered by cold calling sales reps to your office’s reception desk, what percentage of that literature do you actually read? Rod came back with a great post I would like to share with you… Rod […]

Here’s an exercise to put your life into real  perspective First, think about the number of years you are expected to live. Current actuarial tables put longevity between 75 & 80 years old. Take a measuring tape & stretch it out on the floor to about 80 inches/centimeters. Start walking on the first inch/centimeter and walk […]

Add your inspiring story about how you or someone you know turned their life around and changed their’s and others’ lives for the better! Here’s mine…Ginger Katz Ginger and her husband Larry have been personal friends of mine for many years. I have been proud to support their mission in helping teenagers and their parents […]

As the year winds down, how is your mindset for the New Year going to wind up? Preparation is the key to success and success is 90% attitude! Join me on my blog and share your ideas on how you are going to prepare your mindset and attitude for your success in 2011! Here’s my […]

Honoring & Celebrating 30 years of working together Do you have customers who can be described as “Almost Family?” Here’s Communico, Ltd, a leader in the Customer Service field, one of  my “Almost Family” roster of clients New Book: How To Talk To Customers Create A Great Impression Every Time With MAGIC™ Communico offers customer service training […]

Here’s a  Three Part New Year’s Resolution for Happiness 1)  Live your life to the fullest everyday  2) Love & respect the world around you 3) Grow yourself into new opportunities to serve others During this Holiday Season and into 2011, give the two best gifts everyone can afford to give… Do your best everyday in using your talents & […]

A hearty thank you to Vickie Robie and her Print Production Team for allowing us to produce the new Florida Blue Center’s customer care kits. Your new customer care kits are an accordion type folder with closure flap secured by an elastic loop. Heavy stocked set of 5 enclosed tabs will be used by subscribers to organize […]

Give people what they really need with your name on it and they will remember you forever! We are entering the dreaded flu season again and those that manufacture flu-symptom relief products are back in the game. Here’s a spec project we are undertaking for the Health Care Industry to increase individual company brand awareness. Using Blue […]

Have you ever created a customer experience for a client that turned into a total disaster? You are not alone! We have all had situations where even our best efforts weren’t good enough to satisfy the customer in the end in spite of all the time, aggravation and extra cost in an attempt to do […]