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Besides being our oldest performing art form, storytelling was used as a means to entertain and uplift, communicate history and values, share spiritual truths and lessons, as well as teach and pass on wisdom from one generation to the next. It’s always easy to get sucked into a good story… because it’s written in our […]

Jason Hewitt’s comments set the stage for a strategy that works for him, and I am sure for many in the creative field, would be a refreshing look on how to run their own businesses…   I never send samples of my work (anymore). In fact, I never even show my portfolio anymore — at […]

  We’ve all seen it, many of us experienced it…the first sales presentation of the day goes well but the subsequent presentations take a downward slide because the contents, ease of use and the overall “freshness” of the sales kit has lost its luster. All too many times the presentation kit chosen for sales people […]

No doubt about it…a lot of business is consummated over lunch. One of our clients, Sargent Manufacturing, part of the international conglomerate, Assa Abloy specializing in architectural hardware came to us looking for a creative way to present their metal finishes. Previously, like everyone else, they were using brochures and sell sheets to present their […]

Explaining branding through the importance of creative packaging…  How can one account for the lasting popularity of Cracker Jack  Might it be the  friendly face of mascot Sailor Jack and his dog Bingo on the box? Could it be  linked to an obsession with the fact that somehow, magically, those candy-coated  pieces of popcorn don’t […]

Personally, I have been in the creative industry for over 34 years. My friend, Larry Flasterstein, publisher of “Creative Magazine” has been in the industry a year longer than I have and has the legacy of publishing one of the nation’s best resources for anyone looking for a product or service to better serve their […]

My friend, Matthew Parker, from the U.K has out done himself this time with a potpourri of ideas, links and videos on how to run a successful direct mail campaign and other exciting topics on printing. If you would like to connecting with Matthew on LinkedIn, send him an invite to on his LinkedIn […]

If you’re into print, you’ll enjoy this message from my friend, Matthew Parker… “Here is my latest collection resources that I hope you will find useful… Firstly two articles on why print is so import. Here is a great article reminding us why print should be important to marketing teams: And this one deals […]

  The current competitive climate has forced everyone to become more image-conscious. A sharp-looking suit, a perfect hair-do & dye-job as well manicured nails are essential components of what a sales rep or job applicant carries to their next sales call or job interview. Look beyond your own image to gain the sale!   The sames […]

Last week I posted on my blog the dramatic graphic design changes that were made in the subscriber kits we produced for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida to accompany their name change to Florida Blue. You can read my blog @ I asked for input from other graphic designers and business professionals…almost 30 responded!  New […]