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Allan Hytowitz Exploring the world of vision at “If you can’t clearly see what you are doing, you can’t learn to do it.” Allan Hytowitz has been a good friend of mine over the past few years…His research with vision begs the question…”Is the quality of your visual acuity a major determinant in the […]

Recently, I asked this question in my LinkedIn Discussion Groups, “In what ways do you treat your customers and prospects that really separates yourself from your competition” Here are some responses that may help with your own competitive strategies  Kirk Harney • I have developed myself into a compulsive proofreader, and I check every job all the […] In 2007 we relocated to Jacksonville to prepare for the eventual (2009) relocation of my now 88 year old in-laws who were then living in South Florida to be cared for by my wife & I and her brother and his family. Relocating a business is difficult for the most part but the transition from […]

Greetings All! You may know or be connected to my friend, Carey Hepler. His LinkedIn Profile is @  He’s been in Jacksonville, Florida for 20+ years and used to work at AT&T Universal Card and Blue Cross.  Now he’s working with an interesting, new, and Free survey company called Decision Pilot.  He’s asked me to put […]

Here’s an exercise to put your life into real  perspective First, think about the number of years you are expected to live. Current actuarial tables put longevity between 75 & 80 years old. Take a measuring tape & stretch it out on the floor to about 80 inches/centimeters. Start walking on the first inch/centimeter and walk […]

 What should we be doing this last week of 2010 to help us be all we can be in 2011?    This was a discussion question in my LinkedIn Groups for which Rita Rocker presented a must read answer…   Rita Rocker    Forecast Your Future. Does your career forecast look stormy or bright? If […]

Add your inspiring story about how you or someone you know turned their life around and changed their’s and others’ lives for the better! Here’s mine…Ginger Katz Ginger and her husband Larry have been personal friends of mine for many years. I have been proud to support their mission in helping teenagers and their parents […]

AD AGE recently published, Why LinkedIn is the Social Network that will Never Die” @  Here are a few of my fellow First Connections’  LinkedIn success stories Michael Field Michael is one of my connections in Australia and is passionate and dedicated to the power of LinkedIn as described in his blog… Congratulations must go to LinkedIn […]

Here’s a question I asked a group of Professional Speakers- If you were to teach a class called “Speaking Success 101”- what is the most important thing you would like your students to learn from you? Read this through a couple of times & feel the “empowerment!”    Roman Akafate • Here is the most important […]

Looking for some inspiration this Holiday Season? See what Pinecastle is all about Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a tour of Pinecastle with my friend,  Suzanne Bonanfanti, Pinecastle’s business manager, to learn more about how they have been serving the Jacksonville Community for over 50 years. Pinecastle’s mission is to enrich the lives of adults here in Jacksonville […]