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We’ve all been there…a banker’s box farewell, a poorly scripted phone call or worse; a surprise demise e-mail. It’s humiliating to lose your job. But, as in all things in life, the only guarantee is change. Take a deciduous tree for instance. The leaves change color, fall off, and new ones grow back the following […]

Here’s an e-mail that I received from my fellow LinkedIn connection, Leonardo @ If you could be of help to him…That would be greatly appreciated! Hi Al, I do hope you are having a grand day! I just saw that your Q in the Marketing Communications group: “If you were asked, “What makes you so […]

Here’s a question I posted in my LinkedIn Groups… “If you were asked, “What makes you so special?” How would you respond? In other words…How would you tell everyone how different, unique and wonderful you really are? Time to beat your own drum here!” Would you hire Kathryn? Personally…I like her style! Kathryn Tucker @ […]

Many of us are consumed but not fulfilled… What makes us feel most alive and vibrant? What are the hurdles that we have to overcome to get where we want to be? You’re invited to share your personal stories of challenges, failures and successes to help others get to where they want to be… We all lead by example! Al […]

I asked this question in my LinkedIn Groups…”Do you have a compelling story on how you survived in the current state of our economy? Share your story with our fellow group members…Help them motivate themselves for a better tomorrow!” It’s an honor to re-post this response from John Bailey…A must read for all of us […]