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Thinking Inside the box will help sell more tickets! Here’s 5 easy steps to increase ticket sales of your favorite team 1. Create what customers need and want- an off the shelf birthday or holiday gift 2. Package two team tickets, a team T-shirt and other related team sports items 3. Partner with your local […]

How important are your LinkedIn Recommendations? Will your Linkedin Recommendations help bring you new business… a new job in 2011? Don’t be afraid to share your LinkedIn Recommendations… they better define you and make you more “human” in the virtual world of social media You “gotta” give some to get some! The Holiday Season is the […]

As the Holiday Season quickly approaches,  vendors & suppliers go scrambling looking for gifts for their customers. Why not incorporate the true meaning of giving into your strategy? Many nonprofits are in dire need of our donations- the economy is sluggish… so are cash flows of nonprofits. Here’s a 3-step program that will create a […]

Having been born and raised in the historic Philadelphia area and before moving to Florida, I lived not far from a colonial house located in Ridgefield, Connecticut that still has a British cannon ball lodged in it’s sidewall, hence-  July 4th has special meaning to me as well as for many other Americans. During this 4th of July Holiday Weekend, may I suggest we take […]

It’s the beginning of a new month, a new quarter and the middle of High Holy Days in several religious venues. Before you go back to work on Monday- you may want to ask yourself- ‘Why are you here?”…I mean, here- on this planet- What’s your purpose? Here’s a simple two part template I would like to offer you- […]