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Gene Perez is one of my 1st connections and friends on LinkedIn @ Gene recently responded to my blog on Firearms and Marines @ I believe Gene speaks for many of us on gun control… Why did the founding fathers feel it so important to include the second amendment at all?…  They had experience with […]

I asked this question to the Linkedin group of Marines I belong to…Some of their answers will surprise you!… “Do you think tougher gun laws are the answer to prevent such tragedies as what happened in Colorado? What are some other preventive suggestions to such maddening violence?”   Ken Warren • The only people effected by gun […]

On this date, August 30, in 1146, European leaders outlawed crossbows, intending to end war for all time — thus proving crossbow bans don’t work either.   What’s your opinion on gun control and the Second Amendment?   Gun Control and the Second Amendment   Articles and links on gun control, the Second Amendment, and […]