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Only one question…What’s your interpretation of these 3 pictures in 100 words or less…           Al Bagocius Cell: 904.553.9539 e-mail: LinkedIn: Facebook:  

  Here’s a question I asked my fellow members in my LinkedIn Groups…”If customers are loyal to a brand or a business because they are emotionally attached to you, then…What would be your suggestions for building those emotional connections with your customers?” Scott Schilbrack, the man from C.A.R.E. (Customers Are Really Everything) has a few suggestions… […]

  My Guest blogger…Akshayata Sethi Many businesses do not pay attention to this very important part of business. As a customer service professional, here is what I have implemented and reaped the results of : 1. Make a believable promise 2. Deliver that promise every time 3. Listen all you can 4. The customer […]

What sales objection statement do you use to derail someone else’s sales presentation? If you were the salesperson…what would be your comeback to anyone of these… The top 10 Sales Objections 1) “I need some time to think about it.” 2) “I’m interested, but I’ve already spent my budget.” 3) “Your competitors’ prices are much lower than […]

My passion to serve my customers & prospects follows a simple credo- “Provide my customers with products & services that go beyond their expectations.” Empirically, this has created a strong desire on the part of my customers to continue their buying relationships with me, knowing full well that I will do everything possible to make […]

What’s your biggest gripe? I recently asked members of the printing industry what their biggest gripes were when it comes to purchasing agents and sales people…You’ll find many of their responses both a good read and enlightening…you may see a little of yourself in the picture   Christopher Hale • Oh boy, where do I begin?! […]

Editor’s note…The Communico, LTD organization and I are celebrating 38 years together in a wonderful customer vendor relationship come 2019. Communico,LTD has been instrumental in helping companies put MAGIC into their customer communications resulting in increeased sales and raging customer fans!   Diane Berenbaum is Senior Vice President and co-owner of Communico Ltd. and has more […]

    Recently, I asked members of my LinkedIn Groups to comment on what is the most important principle a successful business needs to have…Here are their comments from around the world…   I learned some new ideas I can apply…I hope you will too!   Why not add your’s too…share your knowledge and skill […]

Sanjay Gandhi Sanjay & I have been friends on LinkedIn and has always been an inspiration in our LinkedIn Group discussions…Here Sanjay offers great advice to restauranters looking to stay in the game for a long time, happily and profitably… Friends; what I have written is my personal opinion and experience of years together on […]

Many of you know by now that my daughter recently was married in Connecticut…I also had a chance to visit many of my Northeast area customers, two of which started doing business with me over 30 years ago and we’re still going strong together!  My passion to serve my customers and open new accounts follows a simple […]