Hope is Love, Love is Hope…Special Ed, Special O

At Clay County’s Finally Friday Networking event at Haven; I had the pleasure of meeting Tana Fuller who is in involved with the Special Olympics, here in Clay County. I too have a special needs daughter who will be 37 in October.
Here is Tana in her own words and an invite to all of us to support Special Olympics in Clay County…
I have a 10 year old special needs child who is intellectually disabled and hypotonic (low muscle tone).  While his age is 10, he acts more like a very sweet 5 year old.  He doesn’t totally understand personal boundaries and is very loving.  He is just as likely to ask you for a hug than to just say “hello”.  
Alex was able to play soccer on a standard team when he was 5, but I noticed towards the end of the season that while the coach was understanding regarding Alex’s lack of stamina for running and paying attention during the game, the players and parents were not.  I knew he would not be able to move up the next year.
We tried other options, but it never seemed like the right fit.  Then we found Special Olympics Florida – Clay County.  We started with Softball.  The practices were fun and he loved it.  He was able to participate in skills as well as some parts of the team practices.  He has mostly been assigned a coach or partner to help him develop his skill and it has been amazing to watch him do grow.  Next we tried Soccer and he loved that too.  The games and practices are focused on the children having fun, not on just scoring.
We are now in our 3rd session of Softball. Without Special Olympics Alex would not be able to participate in sports which helps with his dexterity, group outings, and following directions.  Check out our event on Saturday, September 9th…
Thanks so much for your help.
Tana Fuller
Special Olympics (1).jpg
Al Bagocius

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