Home Care…Turning on a Dime

Home Care, one of the fastest growing businesses in America is not for the faint of heart when you are the administrator; a direct report to your referring client. 
Having been in sales for the past 36 years, 27 of which have been as a business owner, the key to success is to exceed customers’ expectations as well as to make all the challenges and changes placed upon you by your customers look easy from their perspective.
Two home care agency owners, relatively young, and very passionate about exceeding customers expectations are Jessica Ramos and Carter Reeves of Home Care Solutions of Jacksonville. Check out their logo; and I like their tag line, “We Fit Right Into Your Home.”
Recently, I asked Jessica to tell me about a situation she had with one of her referring clients and how Home Care Solutions of Jacksonville rose to the ocassion and created a exceptional experience for both the client and patient. Here’s Jessica in her own words…
“I was contacted by Mayo Clinic at 2:30pm on a Sunday. I was told they had a patient that needed to be picked up at the hospital by 8:00pm. They told me the patient needed 24 hour care and was a fall risk.
Once I got off the phone, I called Carter (Operations Administrator) and we met at our office to get started on the case. Within 3 hours, we had the case fully staffed for 24 hour care. That kind of care requires at least 3 full time caregivers and 2 part time caregivers.
Mayo Clinic called me back around 5:30pm and told us that the patient needed to picked up early, they needed her picked up by 7:00pm. The hospital staff was very impressed that we were able to not only have a caregiver available on a Sunday, but that we had the whole schedule completed for the entire week.
The patient’s nurse informed me that they find it difficult to find agencies to respond on the weekends, much less come through with only a few hours’ notice.
My caregiver and I went to Mayo Clinic to meet with the patient. I was able to assess all of her needs and concerns. She was admitted to the hospital because she kept blacking out for unknown reasons. The patient was extremely scared and nervous about going home. I was able to assure her that our caregivers and myself were going to take care of all her needs and be there in case she blacked out again.
Once she was discharged, I followed the caregiver to the patient’s home. Having myself and the caregiver there really made the patient feel safe and more comfortable that she was going to be taken care of. I told her that we (Home Care Solutions) are here for anything she needs and will make sure she is cared for.
Even though she is fully recovered nearly a year later, she still calls us from time to time to chat.”
Jessica can be reached at 904.321.9190 or via e-mail at Jessica@JaxHomeCare.com

Al Bagocius

Our SeniorsGuide.com
Director of Sales
Cell: +1 904.553.9539
Email: Al@OurSeniorsGuide.com

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