Marteal on Growing and Protecting Your Business


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Here in Clay and Duval Counties, there is a tremendous resource for small businesses. When considering that all businesses are people businesses; Marteal Lamb leads the charge in developing, growing and protecting your business.

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Marteal at her office, where I gained insights into how Marteal helps small businesses become more successful and better protected in the market place.

Here’s Marteal in her own words…

Looking for a way to add value to your business, while attracting and retaining the best employees? Then my professional employee benefit may be appropriate for your organization. My company provides identity theft and legal protection to employees nationwide and in 4 provinces of Canada. This benefit is at no cost to the employer, and is already at 34,000 businesses in North America.

I provide information and consultations about whether this is right for your business or personal needs. Business owners with 6 or more employees can qualify for a free online business listing as well.

Here are four links that define Marteal’s value to your small businesses and after reviewing them;  Marteal invites your inquiries. Marteal willbe delighted to offer you proven ways to grow and protect your business. Marteal can be reached at

Click to access 37_116_legal-needs-of-small-business_0.pdf

Click to access 37_241_five-unexpected-business-legal-issues.pdf


Al Bagocius

Cell: 904.553.9539


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