The Man from C.A.R.E.



Here’s a question I asked my fellow members in my LinkedIn Groups…”If customers are loyal to a brand or a business because they are emotionally attached to you, then…What would be your suggestions for building those emotional connections with your customers?”


Scott Schilbrack, the man from C.A.R.E. (Customers Are Really Everything) has a few suggestions…

“You have to put some feeling into it! And treat people like family. Customers can instinctively smell a phony. Find a few causes that you truly believe in and are inline with your brand, supporting local fire and police departments is a good one for an insurance agency, supporting efforts to do business with other locally owned businesses is especially good if you are one, and pour your heart into making a real difference to those organizations. When your values and charitable efforts are sincere and in-line with your clients they will feel it and appreciate it. Consistency in contributing is step 2. And spanning time is step 3. Each is easier said than done. They get progressively harder but bear greater fruit.”

Scott posted great “stuff” here! Treating customers like family!


I am reminded of one of my customers …Gartner- the world’s largest IT/CIO consultancy firm. I connected them with local schools and many non profit organizations. I helped them distribute their old office equipment & supplies to these organizations…They redid their employee gym and donated their old gym equipment to a local high school’s football team.

Making your customers look good in their community goes a long way in keeping yourself on your customer’s radar for future business!

Al Bagocius

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