Abandoning Ship?



Yesterday, I polled my over 600 Jacksonville LinkedIn 1st connections with this situation…

There’s a question not often asked but is a real issue for many small business owners.

Some of us are reaching a point in our businesses, where sales are anemic enough to consider working for someone else.

What’s your advice for those transitioning business owners who would want to go back into the job market?

Many of my connections have already responded that are posted in my LinkedIn Profile Activity section for which I will be producing a follow-up blog posting of a compendium of all the comments I received.

One in particular caught my eye this morning…


One of my respondents was my friend, Doug Wilder, pictured here with his lovely wife Dot (a renowned jazz singer @ https://www.facebook.com/dotwilderjazz) during our mutual friend’s wedding we recently attended together.

For almost 20 years Doug has coached hundreds of people to improve their futures.  Doug’s specialties are attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, sales people, family owned businesses, and corporate executives.

Here’s Doug’s response…

Hi Al, your question is right on point.

So many small business owners today with anemic sales are considering working for someone else.

How can they transition?

I’ve seen so many captains abandon their own ship and go crew for another vessel.

The issues they face may seem daunting at first, but talking, reasoning through, and writing out each issue and how to overcome it will soon reveal a path, a plan, to a happier place.

Al, as for the specifics on what to do depends so much upon the business owner’s situation, and there are so many variables.

Here are three suggestions that might work in some cases.

There is the last surge approach, taking sales activity to a new high level, so that it might save the company or it might at least raise the emotional fortitude of the owner. He or she could then go out on a high note.

Secondly, picking an exit date and an exit plan will start to supply the confidence and the courage to keep moving.

And thirdly, ask for assistance.

It can be treacherous to go through this alone. Do not “look for a job;” instead research what careers and companies might be a good fit for you by asking and exploring the possibilities with others.

Certainly business owners contemplating shutting down their businesses may call me confidentially.

You can visit Doug Wilder’s website @ http://www.wildersuccess.com/

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