Customer Service…3 of my defining moments


My passion to serve my customers and open new accounts follows a simple credo…

“Provide my customers and prospects with products and services that go beyond their expectations.”

Empirically, this has created a strong desire on the part of my customers to continue their buying relationships with me, knowing full well that I will do everything possible to make their life easier as it relates to my products & services.

Here are three examples of my credo in action –

1) The F161008 Problem

Pitney Bowes had been buying printed boxes from me by the thousands that had their logo and return address on the outside of the box and their part #”F161008″ on the inside.

As you can well imagine, Pitney Bowes is the type of company that has a high priority for attaching their part numbers to all their components.

As many companies do. they practice J.I.T.” Just In Time” delivery of vendor manufactured components for specific scheduled assembly and shipping.

On a particular run of these boxes, my plant did not print the required part number “F161008.”

Upon receipt of the boxes, I followed up with my customer and solved the problem in this manner…

I went to a local stationery store and had a rubber stamp made up with the letters, “F161008″ and hand stamped all 2,500 boxes with the part number “F161008″ at my customer’s warehouse. Enduring sneers and jeers from the warehouse employees, I accomplished the task in about three hours.

I passed substantial discounts back to my customer for the problem.

My customer and his management team were so impressed with my effort to solve the problem my plant caused that they have since given me more custom products to produce for them.

2) The Wrong Address

Communico, Ltd., a management training company was relocating their office.

Historically I did one of their smaller quantity program ring binders, roughly 500 approximately every six months.

Meanwhile, a large national binder manufacturer was producing the binders for their flagship program, which incorporated over 10,000 binders every six months.

The binder I was doing was the first series with their new address.

The office manager signed off on the proof of the address change she gave me and we went into production of the new 500 binders.

Upon receipt of their new order, the office manager was in tears that she gave me an incorrect street number for their new address.

Here is how I solved the problem: I redid the binders with the correct address at my cost. I donated the incorrect binders Communico paid for to a local school.

The management team of Communico, after hearing about this, proceeded to offer me all of the future orders of their flagship program binders, trusting me to be their sole binder vendor.

This major account provided the impetus to further grow my business and to this day is an account where our relationship is like a close family.


3) The $450.00 Ring Binder

I was a minor vendor at Gartner,one of the world’s largest IT consulting firms.

I was one of many vendors serving the marketing needs of the organization.

The marketing services manager put out to bid a new reception area binder.

The only problem was she needed only three. We all know making only three of anything is cost prohibitive especially when considering amortizing stamping dies over a production quantity of three.

My response to the marketing services manager was that I would do it at no cost as a token of appreciation for the business I received thus far.

She and her management team were taken aback but accepted my offer.

The news of my offer and the resulting elegant looking binders that I produced ran up and down the corporate food chain that has since opened the flood gates for new business from several departments of the company.

I couldn’t have spent $450 any wiser to receive new business.

To all my customers…


Al Bagocius

Cell: 904.553.9539

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