When looking for a job…Does Kathryn speak for you?


Here’s a question I posted in my LinkedIn Groups…

“If you were asked, “What makes you so special?” How would you respond? In other words…How would you tell everyone how different, unique and wonderful you really are? Time to beat your own drum here!”

Would you hire Kathryn?

Personally…I like her style!

Kathryn Tucker @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/nurseattorney1/

“I am not a string of keywords. I can get lost in the mountains by myself and find my way out. I may not match a job description but I will greatly exceed expectations. I may not fit in a box but I will build a castle from that box.

I see minute details and perspectives and marvel that most people miss the opportunity to consider the possible implications. I do logic problems for fun.

Mentor, leader, healer, counselor, nurse, lawyer, logical thinker, traveler, explorer of thought and environment…these words describe me, but they don’t communicate the love I have for diving into new situations and challenges.

I love power tools and gardening. I read and study because I am always discovering. There are ten sides to every argument. I explore them all (and can argue for any of them to prompt intelligent discussion) before I chose the best approach.

Yes, I am the student who sits front and center and annoys the class with my unique questions…

I memorize for the exams in life, but true education is going beyond the books and rote tasks; immersing oneself in the topic and exploring applications for the lessons.

What makes me unique? All of the above and so much more. Communicating my awesomeness via resumes that are parsed by computer bots is a challenge. Changing careers, establishing a reputation in a new, unfamiliar forum is daunting.

Thank you for this post. I am tooting my own horn, standing on the box, and perhaps a hiring manager will be intrigued by my potential.”

Now…my question for my blog readers…Does Kathryn speak for you?

Al Bagocius
The A & I Consulting Group
Creative Packaging Solutions
9838 Old Baymeadows Road # 387
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Voice Mail: 904.553.9539
“We Package Your Message!”

3 Responses to “When looking for a job…Does Kathryn speak for you?”

  1. If I had a job to hire for she would be first in line. What a clever question to ask. I hear a lot about the problems of low self esteem and the opposite of having too much, but there is a balance somewhere. We need to remind ourselves and occasionally others just how special we are. Thank you Al! This is a great example of why I follow your blog.

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