The insanity of government controls…Wheelchair edition


Lucille Ferry


The Foxglove Foundation, Inc.


My dear friend, Lucille Ferry asked me to pass this along…

To me…It’s a good read on the insanity of governmental regulation and enslavement to the “Federal  Bureaucracy!”

Do you use a walker, a cane or a wheelchair?  Is your mobility dependent upon one of these devices?  Was your device provided to you by Medicaid, Medicare, one of its insurance plans or medical device providers?  Have you ever read the patient handbook that comes with your equipment?  Do you know what restrictions are in your handbook?


Well, I did not either.  One day when I was still recuperating from my abdominal surgery I got bored and started reading through the patient handbook that had been given to me by my insurance plan with my wheelchair.  There was the usual table of contents and pages of information that I really did not want to know.  Then there was :


  • Page 4 and this statement – Keep the equipment, products and supplies in your possession at the agreed upon address unless otherwise authorized by our organization;
  • Page 22 and these statements –  Inappropriate uses of a power wheelchair or scooter:
    • Driving the unit to the grocery store
    • Driving the unit to the post office
    • Using the unit as a form of transportation
    • Riding around the neighborhood
  • Page 22 and these statements – appropriate uses of a power wheelchair or scooter:
    • Transporting the unit to the store and then using the unit while in the store
    • Transporting the unit to the mall and then using it at the mall
    • Using the unit in your home to enhance your mobility.


I read and re-read these statements and then I asked a physical therapist if this meant that I could not go outside my house without my insurance providers permission, I could not ride around my yard when the weather was good, I could not go to church or out to eat, I could not go anywhere I wanted to when I wanted to unless I had permission or used Paratransit to take me there.  The physical therapist and the wheelchair company representative both stated that I was correct.  According to them and to others I have since spoken with, my chair is to be used in my home for the express purpose of moving about my home so I won’t stay in bed and get bed sores.  It is not for me to have the freedom that everyone else has to come and go as they please, when they please, to go where they please or to simply go next door and have a conversation with my neighbor.  I was outraged and I still am. 


To think that in this day and time Medicaid, Medicare, their plan providers, and their equipment providers can tell me that if I venture beyond my front door without permission that I am in violation of Medicaid and Medicare policies that WERE NEVER told to me or to the hundreds of thousands of people every day who use their power wheel chair or scooter before we accepted the wheelchair or scooter. 

To know that Medicaid and Medicare can make us prisoners in our homes is beyond comprehension.  To know that I and thousands of others are required to stay at home unless we get the permission of someone else when everyone else has their freedoms is illegal and unconstitutional. 

No one has the right to tell me that I cannot come and go, that I cannot visit my friends and family, that I cannot go to church or go to the movies, or go anywhere else I feel like going on any given day at any given time.   

We have as much right to our mobility using our equipment as those that can stand up and walk without mobility equipment.  No one tells the rest of you that you cannot go to your cars, start them up, go anywhere you have to, want to or need to. 

No one tells the rest of you that when you bought your car that it could only be used for certain privileges with the car company’s permission.  No one restricted your movements beyond your front door so why do you believe that you can restrict mine?


The ADA Act of 1990 required buildings and public transportation to provide wider entry ways and ramps so that people with disabilities could go places like everyone else.  If we are forced into being homebound then that act was useless. 

If Medicaid and Medicare can tell us we cannot roll a couple of blocks to the nearest city bus stop and ride to whatever destination we want, then why make public transportation spend billions of dollars replacing buses, trains and planes with inaccessible entry ways to ones that were accessible if we are not allowed to even leave our homes and use the ramps and wider doorways. 

If Medicaid and Medicare can tell us we cannot go anywhere without their permission, why did they make cab companies purchase vehicles that can transport persons with disabilities.  And, above all, how dare they tell me that I have to pay for the more expensive Paratransit service when I can roll a couple of blocks down the street, catch the city bus, and pay the lesser price for each ride each day each way.    


This lawsuit is not about putting money in my pocket.  I won’t get any more than any one of you.  

This lawsuit is to have Medicaid, Medicare and their providers to remove all communications online, in print, or on audio that tell us we can’t go where we want, when we want, and how we want. 

This lawsuit is to provide a fund that will be used only to pay for the repair or replacement of parts, labor, or equipment worn out by the owner’s use.  The only monies that won’t go into this fund are the monies to pay the lawyers who will argue this before the courts. 

This lawsuit is about taking back our freedoms, liberties, and civil liberties and telling those that are forcing us to live behind closed doors that President Regan changed all that when he took us out of those prison hospitals just because we have a disability.


Disability does not mean inability.  Disability is having a challenge that forces us to work harder, use equipment to help, and recognizing that we have a problem and that problem is partially or fully fixed by the use of a power wheelchair or scooter.


The following is a petition.  If you believe that we should not be forced behind closed doors, if you believe we should have the same rights, freedoms, and civil liberties as everyone else, please sign it. 

We need as many signatures as we can get from those who are disabled and from those who are not. 





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