Changing the world…one book at a time


Leah Oviedo and I have been friends within the realm of social media for several years and I happen to be one her biggest fans…as she empowers women throughout the world with her books. 

Leah’s overall goals are to empower others to be self-reliant, economically independent and emotionally sound.

Leah Oviedo @ in her own words…

Seasons Greetings!

I hope you and your families are doing well and excited about the upcoming new year. 

I have published two new books. As usual both can be read online along with my other books.

“You Can Fight Back: Emotional and Physical Self Defense.” is a guide for women and teen girls to learn the skills they need to combat emotional and physical abuse.

Bullying has become a terrifying part of many lives because many of us are not taught how to prevent violent behavior and stand up for ourselves.

In this book you will learn how to use your intuition and become aware of warning signs set the foundation for fighting back.

“Fierce; A New Generation of Female Empowerment,” encourages young women to ask questions about important issues, learn critical thinking, solve problems, and create positive change in their lives and their communities.

The resources provide the tools to make choices that resonate with individual beliefs so as to take control of our own lives.

Since the books are free to read online, anyone can learn from the self-defense guide. I encourage you to pass it on.

Here’s my question to you…

What would be your message to the world if you were to write a book?

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2 Responses to “Changing the world…one book at a time”

  1. Thank you Al. Your support is encouraging and appreciated. Great question too. There are so many amazing stories out there that need to be told. I hope it inspires someone to write theirs. It’s so easy with the free self publishing tools available like Bookemon and Lulu or ebooks.

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