Breaking the slavery of political correctness

I recently asked this question in my LinkedIn Groups…”Is rugged individualism a dying breed in America? Are the “John Wayne” types who are self-reliant and speak their minds going the way of the dinosaur…being controlled by “political correctness?”
David Atlee responds with a tone that defines a need for a new emancipation proclamation for America as a whole…
“The past election pretty much answers this question… “
“Since LBJ started the ludicrous War on Poverty as a cornerstone to his Great Society, the Federal Government has seen its balance sheet absolutely explode with benefits for low-income people who now depend on said benefits (child tax credits, food stamps, unemployment, disability, meal programs at public schools, Obama phones, Medicaid, etc.)
These are not affordable when the number of Americans on these payrolls increase seemingly exponentially year after year. “
“Telling adults to get off their lazy behinds and show some personal responsibility is now labeled as hate speech.”
“I for one am a strong believer that political correctness has been a huge factor in America’s moral erosion these past 40 years.
However, now it is labeled under the guise of “tolerance” – aka – having zero standards.”
What are your thoughts?
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