It takes a blind man to help us see


I asked this question in my LinkedIn Groups…”Do you have a compelling story on how you survived in the current state of our economy? Share your story with our fellow group members…Help them motivate themselves for a better tomorrow!”

It’s an honor to re-post this response from John Bailey…A must read for all of us looking for a job, career and or new opportunities!

John C. Bailey

“My name is John Bailey and I am blind.
I don’t make a big deal of it. However, many potential employers do.
For example, according to the Rehabilitation Services Administration, over 75 percent of work able legally blind people are unemployed.
In spite of this fact, I have been working consistently in a very dynamic industry for over 20 years.
Here is how I did it.When you sit down for an interview, the potential employer looks at you and what he or she sees evokes an impression based on their knowledge, experience, and prejudices. This happens for everyone. I carry a cane. And, from experience, I know that often the impression my future boss gets may not be the most positive.
So, in order to overcome this, I not only talk about my accomplishments mentioned on my resume, I also teach them about blindness and how I use problem solving skills to minimize how not being able to see impacts the quality or quantity of my work if it impacts it at all.

Right now, finding a job is challenging for everyone.

Every job hunter should not only recite their work accomplishments…They should also talk about how they were able to achieve those accomplishments using their unique skills and how those skills would be of great advantage to their organization when they are hired.”
What can you learn from John Bailey’s comments to help yourself to a new opportunity?
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2 Responses to “It takes a blind man to help us see”

  1. Back in 2006 I had an “eye opening” experience with a blind man. Here it is …i hope you enjoy it:

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