The Obama Phenomenon, 5 years later…One man’s take


Here’s a question I recently asked in my LinkedIn Groups…”The Obama Phenomenon 5 years ago was an exciting time @ What will be the historians’ perspective on the five years that followed and the Obama Presidency?”

Jay Block, owner and manager of the Protean Career LinkedIn Group posted this caveat when he decided to allow discussion to move forward… “Being Protean (anticipating the possible future of this discussion 🙂 I ask that all responses to “political discussions” remain civil – and related to jobs and the economy.”

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Here’s one response Jay received… Read further and see one man’s compelling story…

Richard M. Wheeler

“I saw the “phenomenon” as a celebration over skin-deep issues and a
glossing-over of real issues. The issues separated one party with a mixture of
socialists and capitalists from another party that hyped undefined “change” in
the direction of an anti-colonialist welfare state. Associations with known 60’s
terrorists, a mysterious, un-vetted personal history, and stated Marxist goals
were ignored in the hoopla over one candidate’s skin color.

I also saw
but was unable to respond to on-coming, severe cutbacks in my industry. As my
first great lesson in my lack of Protean insight, another nine months gave birth
to the the end of 25 years with one company. I was out of a job, loaded with
skills that were worthless in the commercial world, and burdened with the
entrapping debts that a nearly six-figure income can get you into.

intensive studying, 13 months, my entire 401K, and the loss of my house, I found
part-time work that takes me away from my family Monday through Friday. “Took,”
actually: Today was my last day due to cutbacks in the “Green” company that had
been my lifeline. Tomorrow, I will be back where I was when a friend found me
this job: With ballooning unpaid taxes, penalties, interest, and energy bills,
and enough cash to get by for a month or two before I have to tell my wife and
daughter to quit their jobs and go live with relatives. Can you understand how I
feel about your “Phenomenon”?

The good news is that I have studied. In
fact, my part-time, temporary position was a laboratory for my new skills, and
I’ve learned to come out of my shell and network. I have a painfully long way to
go, but by Christmas, I may be working on a book about under-the-bridge cooking,
where to find the best public restrooms, and how to choose the best street
corners. Phenomenon, indeed.

In the next eight years, I hope for an
Executive Branch that reverses a lot of the hindrances to job growth.
Meaningless economic reforms will happen, though, and the recovery from the
Obama recession will happen at a snail’s pace. As the mixed-bag candidate turns
the Executive Branch sharply toward the “extreme right” (meaning, from the
current perspective, ‘toward the center’), he will be blocked by a congress that
will move even farther past the Left Field fence.

Sorry if that isn’t
civil enough, Jay. Under the circumstances, I’m practically choking on all the
annoyance and pain that I’m holding back. Hopefully, I’m trolling in the right
place to learn new skills that will help me rebuild a future for my family.”

Do you have a compelling story on how you survived in the current state of our economy? Share your story with my other blog readers…Help them motivate themselves for a better tomorrow!

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One Response to “The Obama Phenomenon, 5 years later…One man’s take”

  1. Good read and allot of truth. People ask me as well why I left the US? If I had not I could have easily faced similar perils except that I have been self employed since the mid-1980s. I left an aging mother, two adult children and albeit a small amount of debt in the form of a mortgage behind. Packed up what I could box, emptied my accounts and moved East. I see very little resolve moving forward and aside from missing some common table items I am quite content in banana land, learning a new language and a new life. Don’t get me wrong I am taking on responsibilities that some would think of as incredible, but I’m doing it because I want to and not because I have to. Some would say these accounts are sensationalized or fabricated, I can assure you they are real…. 18 boxes/suitcase for a lifetime of hard work in the US is the reward we got for trusting the direction of a nation with people who are clearly focused on self-fulfilling dreams and not with the interest of the citizens.

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