Non Profits and their donors…True and Long lasting customer appreciation


The Holiday Season is almost upon us…I can tell… because I am getting bombarded with catalogs for cheesy cheese platters, gaudy popcorn tins and other uneventful ways to show my appreciation to my customers, vendors and associates.

For whatever reason you celebrate the season during the end of December…there is definitely a spirit of giving in the air…Why not make it both memorable and remarkable, thus leaving a lasting impression about you on your recipient throughout the New Year!

The way the economy has been tanking over the past few years, there’s less charitable donations available for all those in need…Showing you care for someone else, for your community, leaves a longer lasting impression during the Holidays than that cheese platter or popcorn tin.

Here’s my suggestion that I have used with my clients

aapproach one of your community’s non profits that your clients are interested in and support…

Make a donation to that organization and tell them that your contribution is in honor of your specific customers…Give them names and addresses and ask them to send your chosen customers a Thank You letter stating that a donation was made in their honor by you as an appreciation for the business they have given you throughout the year…That’ll make a far greater and lasting impression than many other appreciation gifts your customers will be receiving from other vendors.

For Charitable and Non Profit Organizations…

Everyone likes candles for the Holidays…incorporating into a mailing tube… two dining table candles and a mission statement of your organization on elegant paper, then wrapped for the Holidays makes a great fund-raiser!

Companies and individuals would be happy to buy these wrapped candle sets from you for your asking price…thus making a lasting and glowing impression on their recipients and adding the needed funding for your organization.

In the end…people remember and buy from those who care about others and their community!

Al Bagocius
The A & I Consulting Group
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Al Bagocius

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