A “Must Read” for the boss?



In my LinkedIn discussion groups, I’ve been asking this question…

Do you agree with this statement… “Regarding management…nothing commands more respect and loyalty than getting into the trenches with your subordinates and fighting the good fight?”
David George, a U.S. Marine, responded…Now the question is…Does your boss need to read it too?

David George


In the Marine Corps the officers eat last.

What this means is that they ensure their troops are provided for before their own needs are met.

My experience in the civilian world is that managers will worry about themselves and make sure their ass is covered before they remember to show concern for their employees.

To me a Marine Corps officer demonstrates through his actions what real leadership is.

If the civilians I’ve worked for knew what real leadership looked like, what it feels like to be led by someone you would walk through walls for, the corporate world would be a better place for all concerned.

What are your thoughts? 

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2 Responses to “A “Must Read” for the boss?”

  1. 1 Arroyo

    Amen, and Semper Fi!

  2. David George’s comments are why we need to be proud of our Marines and equally proud of all of our military. It is also why Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory” is “must viewing” since it illustrates the organized abuse and incompetence typical of most military organizations.
    My personal experience as an Army Reserve Officer was stunning in that I discovered that all of David’s comments about the Marine Corp are what I was taught as an Army Officer. That concern for the welfare of our troops by the officers, and a concern for integrity, is what makes our troops and our country almost unique in human history. It is also what makes our Constitution sacred because those military values are an extension of those Constitutional values.
    My being “Proud to be an American” is not just a tribal sentiment, or a prayer of gratitude to my great-grandparents who left Russia 140 years ago, but an emotion based upon a very rational understanding of the qualities that have made our country a success and THE desired immigration destination for the rest of the world.

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