Labor Day…Reflections of Labors of Love

We all work to live…But can we dedicate some of our time  for others in our communities?
Can one person make a difference?
On this Labor Day, What’s your “labor of love”  that you are you passionate about that serves others in your community?
I invite you to check out my friend’s campaign to empower individuals so they can in turn empower their communities. She has started a program with resources and solutions for many of the problems that plague our personal lives and communities. This will include critical thinking skills, personal awareness, access to information, activism, environment and health issues, overcoming emotional, physical and sexual abuse, violence prevention, and self-defense. Here is the link @
                                                                               Here’s some background…
Leah Oviedo and I have been friends on LinkedIn and revel in a comradery that has been mutually beneficial over the past few years!
Her success story is a great read and inspiration to me on how one person can make a difference in their own community!
Leah Oviedo is an artist, author and human rights activist. Her background includes work with foster and homeless youth, domestic violence, sexual assault and environmental sustainability.
Her book, “I Am More Than Just A Girl“ @ is a non-fiction resource to empower young women with information, creative exercises and loving acceptance. Topics include women’s rights, hotline resources, sexual assault, violence prevention, education and acceptance of others. The book also includes journal pages, affirmations, stress management tips and a self-defense guide.
Leah created this book as a larger project to encourage young women to be strong, independent and intelligent. She told me she wanted women to feel empowered, kept informed and be considered equal. She wants them to know and feel that as an individual they matter and with the tools in her book, they can accomplish their dreams that may seem initially out of reach…Realizing that circumstances such as economic situation, race, culture upbringing and prejudice do not have to control our lives.
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One Response to “Labor Day…Reflections of Labors of Love”

  1. Thank you for your continued support Al. I wish for others to have the same opportunities(and more) that I have had along with an appreciation of hard work, and a strong belief that we are each capable of supporting and helping others.

    It is great to be connected to you. Your blog has so many wonderful articles and I especially enjoy the posts where you ask your contacts a question and they share such a cornucopia of answers.

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