Overcoming Fear…Jay’s Perspective


Fear is seldom talked about…I asked this question in my LinkedIn Groups…”What types of fear have you dealt with in your business and how have you successfully overcome them? What lessons about handling fear can you offer our group members?”

My friend, Jay Block, responded in such an insightful way, incorporating his wife’s battle with cancer…a good read for all of us to put our fears in perspective. 

Jay and Ellen Block

Fear is ALWAYS covered “in detail” in ALL my programs and books. In fact, I believe that success and high achievement can’t be attained without first overcoming unhealthy fear and negative emotions. In all my work, fear and emotions management are the foundation for all other aspects / strategies to success and achievement.

The first chapter of my best-selling McGraw-Hill book, 101 Best Ways to Land a Job in Troubled Times, is called: “Learning to Ride the Emotional Roller-Coaster: “How to Manage Fear and Emotions When Adversity Affects Your World.” Hey… what good is a great resume in the hands of a fearful and / or depressed job seeker?

(For FREE download of this chapter, EMAIL me @ jayblock@jayblock.com  and I’ll attach the chapter for anyone who asks).

Four (4) months after I married Ellen in 2003 – she was diagnosed with  “Stage 3 Aggressive” Breast Cancer ! You want to talk about fear ? How about downright terror ? But Ellen and I used many of the Emotional Channeling techniques I have identified to beat the cancer – against all odds. Given a 50/50 chance of living in 2003, today Ellen has been diagnosed as “cured” – and is healthier than ever !

In fact, of the 16 books I’ve written, the only book I wrote outside the career industry is an audio book (Nightingale Conant subsidiary production) called: “Courageous Health” -a 5-hour, 5 CD program with 16 specific techniques (used by world class sports psychologists) on HOW to INSTANTLY manager fear and remain positive in the wake of adversity, setbacks, failures, and life’s tough stuff !


Anyway, below are 3 of the 16 techniques Ellen and I used to manage our fears and tears – so she could make a full recovery.

* We managed what we focused on and our thoughts – we focused on what could be; not what was.

* We ask courageous questions like “how can we control what we can control?” and “who do we have to have on our team to win this battle? “ and “how do we set the bar high to be an example for our family and friends if they ever have to face something like this?” We did NOT ask low quality questions like “why us God?” or “How could this happen to us?”

* We stayed in the moment and were grateful for every minute we had together – regardless of what we had to face. We were NOT guaranteed anything, including another day together… so we squeezed the juice out of every minute we had –no matter what we had to deal with.

For anyone interested in becoming CERTIFIED in these techniques so you can add this to your repertoire of services to benefit you, everyone you come in contact with, and your clients… and material that will surely differentiate you from your competition… get in touch with me !

Courage, according to Mark Twain, is, “Resistance to fear, mastery over fear, but not an absence of fear.”

Have a great start to the week.


See Jay on linkedin @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/jayblock

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3 Responses to “Overcoming Fear…Jay’s Perspective”

  1. Just yesterday I was reading a blog and thought about how we create our own fears. Some people are terrified of spiders, not me, why would I be scared of something smaller than my pinky nail? On the other hand I have a fear of going under water while most people I know fearlessly dive under the waves at the beach. So if we are all afraid and not afraid of such different things, maybe there is nothing to be afraid of at all.

    Then there is letting our fears top us like you said, “I believe that success and high achievement can’t be attained without first overcoming unhealthy fear and negative emotions”. It has been a truth I slowly realized over the past year.

    • Leah,

      Thanks for commenting! There is a lot of wisdom in what you are saying here.

      Much appreciated!


      • You’re welcome. Thank you or writing on such an intriguing topics. Your blog is one of the best for making me think and ask myself questions.

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