Confessions of a Retail Sales Diva

Amy and I recently struck up a friendship after her major contribution to one of my LinkedIn questions…”Why do sales people fail?” She has written extensively in our Executive Group and here…She explains the process and perspectives of great retail salesmanship…Enjoy the read!
Wow, after 40+ years in retail sales I have learned so much about “Customer Service”
I became very successful after I started living a new value system… Remember every line we use, every body posture tells a story.
I became a very good “Story Teller.”
I made them OWN the product before they even bought it. I could see that each sales person who made big bucks were able to smother the consumer in affection.
It was like watching a stage show sometimes. I met so many people who had so much personal charm, clients just flocked to be around them.
Back in the day I could charm people to buy whatever I wanted them to, over time. However I could no longer live with the fact I spent most of my time lying to consumers to please my boss.
I stopped selling BS and started selling truth, I believed in extended warranties so much I was able to secure my job for 25 solid years.
Bosses want people who can sell the services, that’s where the profit was and still is.
 I learned about the emotional behaviors of humans which helped a great deal. People buy with emotions.
When couples come in you must first determine who the banker is, then sell to the other partner. Keep eye contact at all times.  
If you want good numbers you must be willing to go out of your way to please your customers for the entire life of their extended warranty. Hopefully you have already sold them something extra to add to their major purchase.
Keep them coming back for more add ons. Set honest expectations and always sell the extended warranties, they will appreciate the real facts about support.
Sell add ons on every sale. Learn what has the highest profit margins. Sell products that have special incentive plans.
Learn what products make the most money for both you and your company. You will become very happy and your job will remain secure.

You must also have a passion to please people period or you will not be happy.

Move into management only when you can earn more than $3 dollars per hour when you are on salary. After doing the numbers on hours spent working, I found I was not worth much so I got out of the management position and back into sales, I made way more money.

Being exposed to all that product noise and violent attitudes from bosses and angry customers I realized I was getting abused and tired of being a verbal punching bag so I retired.

I am now happier developing new ideas on health reform in Oregon. I found after spending decades in sales my body is worn out and my back is messed up for good.

Now I volunteer endless hours in Portland serving the disabled community. I am happy and at peace.

Good luck to all the people still working Retail Sales.

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