Final words in being first in customer service



I recently asked my fellow members of my LinkedIn groups to differentiate between “Good” and “Exceptional” customer service. Below are their responses on a subject that is near and dear to me as “Exceptional” customer service is my passion.

Through out the years, I have spoken to business groups, Chambers of Commerce and the media on this topic. Here are customer service selections from my blog @

Now…hear from your fellow experts who are on the sending and or receiving side of  customer service…

After reading their’s add your’s too!


Osscia Krystle • you have to have knowledge with confidence in your product
Mauricio Mejia• Good = knowledgable/responsive sales and production staff, is flexible on timelines and has reasonable pricing…Execeptional = has the know how in all fronts, offers enhancing solutions on production needs and looks after your budget (aka gives you more bang for the money), and last but not least keeps an eye on all your projects for you.
April Greer • Customer service, especially contacting you before a proof is created (and money spent) to tell you they don’t think the project is going to come out as planned and why, and let you resubmit.
Brenda Chevrier • When information flows freely from the vendor instead of having to ‘ask’ or ‘pull’ the information. When truly they realize they are part of the chain and are proactive instead of reactive.
Julia DeDelva • On MRO items, depth of product for consolidation (80/20 rule), apples to apples comparison; I.E., OEM parts and COST. For direct procurement, product availability, turn-around and COST. Tie it all up with needs knowledge, communication and customer service. An excellent vendor establishes buying patterns and anticipates your needs, supplies a product on time and below list.
Lucille Ferry • When your vendor pays attention to what you say, what you order, and how you treat each other. When a vendor knows you enough to know what you order on a continual basis and then suggests new things that he/she knows will benefit, that vendor is exceptional.
Matthew Nelson • Good is when you know the quality will be there in the end, but exceptional is when you don’t feel like you need to check up on it throughout the process. Communication (be that a picture of a job in progress, email update, etc etc) goes a long way. On top of that a vendor needs a well structured/organized company to match the so-called “talk” with the “walk”. It takes a lot to be good, but it’s the little things that make you exceptional.
Jennifer Whitlock • My exceptional vendors identify problems before they arise, and are proactive in making sure these problems don’t materialize during the project. I know that these vendors are working to make sure my experience, as their customer, is problem free. Good vendors can fix the problems, but exceptional ones trouble shoot before they materialize.
Gary Leider • As a broker we are customer and vendor. What makes exceptional vs good is to suggest ‘a better way’ even when specs meet all client needs, if we know we can accomplish that and based upon production produce more cost efficiently.
Rita Rocker • To me, good is maintaining a respectful and continuous business relationship where customer relations and sales provide acceptable services and on-time deliveries. Exceptional is when vendors go the extra mile, beyond what is actually required of them. It is in being so helpful and courteous that their reputation is in the forefront. It is when word of mouth (referrals, praises) doing their advertising for them.
Pooja Bhartiyneer • An exceptional vendor turns an ambiguous situation to a compatible one.
Final word of advice…
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