Could you become an “Edisonial Genius?”


Today, February 11th, is Thomas Edison’s birthday, one of the greatest inventors of all time.

Become a genius, just like Thomas Edison by following these 11  steps that Edison took…

  • Edison believed in hard work and determination.
  • Work habits. Edison sometimes worked twenty hours a day.
  • He was very good at bringing people together to make an inventing team.
  • He was able to reason with many different people.
  • He encouraged creativity in his employees.
  • He knew a lot about what his competitors were working on.
  • He almost never worked on any invention that wasn’t already being worked on by several other people.
  • One of his biggest strengths – Perseverance. He never gave up. This idea is captured in his famous statement, “Invention is ninety-nine percent perspiration, and one percent inspiration.”
  • Failure did not stop him. Edison rarely got discouraged when experiments didn’t work out. A failed experiment shifted his thinking in different directions.
  • He was able to solve problems and learn from failure.
  • Attitude. He saw every failure as a success. The story goes that he failed 10,000 times in his storage battery experiments. But Edison said, “Why, I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”Edison was a home-schooled, self-educated person. He learned education was his own responsibility. He learned to be persistent. He learned reading was very important. He learned from watching others. He learned that science is fun. He learned that education is something that lasts your whole life.

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2 Responses to “Could you become an “Edisonial Genius?””

  1. THAT’s what I am doing wrong.

    I thought that being able to quantify a way for people to more precisely know their acuity was going to be easy.

    10,000 + hours later….

  2. Thank you for pointing out that inventions are not miracles that happen overnight. Rather it is time spent working and tinkering until you create something amazing!

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