What’s your success principle?

Recently, I asked members of my LinkedIn Groups to comment on what is the most important principle a successful business needs to have…Here are their comments from around the world…
I learned some new ideas I can apply…I hope you will too!
Why not add your’s too…share your knowledge and skill on success!
Jay Block• A WORKING MODEL THAT ATTRACTS PAYING CUSTOMERS This may sound a little too obvious and overly elementary, but when you think about it, it is rather profound. The most important principle business owners should adhere to if they want to become successful is to identify and optimize “a working model” that attracts paying customers.Profits, new hires (employment), growth, and happiness all stem from what most entrepreneurs struggle with… finding customers that fuel all other activities and emotions.
Tara Orchard• A working business model can be overlooked by some business owners who have great ideas and passion but are not always focussed on both the big picture and the execution – so it is important and not always obvious.I think that leads me to another important principle – knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and finding ways to fill the gap and keep checking yourself on both.Surrounding yourself with people who support your ideas, but not only those who blindly follow you. While you may benefit from having disciples who believe your vision or believe you and therefore accept your vision and while you do not want to surround yourself with negative naysayers – you do need to have some people who you can trust to disagree with you for the reason they want to help you.It looks like we can build a nice list of key principles with this question
Natashia Jefferies • Successful in Business = Seeing clients as people, and treating them with respect, appreciation and kindness, instead of seeing them as a dollar value.
Mark McClelland • Be consistent.
Make more good decisions than bad ones.
Feel which way the wind is blowing and respond quickly.
(I think that last one is sometimes called luck).
Ricardo Ciciliani • Never stop creating work (jobs), all the way …
Barry Bainton • Keep your eye on the prize, your mind on the customer’s needs, and your body agile for the long journey toward success.
Yeshua Adonai • Integrity. Dream. Inspired Action.
Sancta Watley • Under promise and OVER deliver. This is not to be viewed negatively as in substandard. Integrity is about keeping your word and over promising and under delivering undermines a business success.
THOMAS AW • Persistency to Move forward continuously, SELF Motivation and the WILL to Succeed.
Natasha Fowler • Hi Al – love the question, sorry going to be naughty and give a two-part answer as these two elements make up the whole IME = listen, listen, listen + then act wisely using the learning from all they’ve heard. Cheers.
Frank DePalma • 1) Stay High
2) Keep Moving
3) Give It Away
Peg Doyle • Remember what your gifts are and genuinely share them. Work hard. When times are tough, work harder and remind yourself why you do what you do.
Alex James • The tendency in discussions like these to ask “What is the one ___?” seems to lack practical value.
Marie-Ange Masson • Understand your customers needs and yours, so that you can adjust them.
Greg Spence – Internet Marketing Specialist • Every day just provide the answer to one question “How can I help my customers and prospects today?”
Lisa Peacock • Communication. I have seen it make or break everything!
Victoria Prestia • Follow up with clients, have a website, use social media, time management, attend social networking functions, and monitor social media sites.
Tom Deans Ph.D. • Never confuse good luck with talent. You’ll need both to start, grow and ultimately exit your business.
Jeff Vankooten • First a foremost it is determining your “Big Why”, the underlying purpose for what you do beyond the less inspiring goal of just making money. Determine what gets you out of the morning to make a significant “dent” in the world. jeffvankooten.com
Arsen S. Marsoobian, CLU • Show up on time, Over Deliver, Have integrity, Dress for the occasion.
Bonnie Cranmer • Agree with Lisa and Victoria, communications, follow-up and attending networking functions (online and offline) are keys to success! If people can’t see you, how will they understand the type of representation they will receive from your services?!?
Dianne Sikel• Follow up with clients and customers and continual communications key to success and future business. Ask if you are meeting their needs, doing a good job, and if they feel you are easy to work with. During and after the transaction- I ask for any advice and feedback or ways they think could use improvement.My Coaching clients are taught to ‘check in’ with their clients often. Ask THEM if there’s anything that they feel isn’t being handled or addressed, etc.When you are easy to work with, easy to get a hold of, respond quickly and ask them how THEY feel about your services… you will become The Obvious Choice” to do future business with and refer to other people

CB Jackson• In a word (or two): Constant Quality!Your customers should have full confidence that your product and/or service is the best each and every time they buy it, no matter what!
Sandi Capra • Stay organized, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Every business owner needs a solid financial plan & a solid marketing plan and both should be reviewed regularly.
Eddie Rodriguez • I have to agree with Sandi. As someone who sometime struggles with this, I find that the more organized I am the more everything else flows smoothly.
TJ Jones • CB & Sandi are right on, and another is when you say you are going to do a certain thing make sure you do it in the time stated or advise why there is a delay. Your word is your bond.
David Kordek, NADA, ATD 20Group, NACRP, NAAP • Also, hire the right people. Be up front with employees as to what they can “honestly” expect in the beginning and what could be in the future. A company is only as good and successful as its employees make it!
Sandi Capra • @TJ, That is one of my Dad’s favorite sayings, your word is your bond! He always said there is no need to make a promise ever if your word is your bond.
@David, we are hiring so if you know any “right” people send them my way!Thanks
Simran Soni • Perseverance…always remember it takes 100 calls to get your first client on board..
Honesty – don’t lie about clients you don’t have! It shows lack of integrity
Jack Lane • Never forget that out of 100 happy clients, one of them may tell someone else about their satisfaction with your company, but each unhappy client will tell 100 others to avoid you like a plague! Treat each client like your success depends solely on them… because it does.
Margaret Rekers • Start with the WHY of their business and then tell their Why-story to as many people as they can.
pradeep sharma • its up to you . ..
what is right for you could be wrong for me ….in other words what is suitable to you couldn’t to me ..
Deidre Tretsven • Do not let yourself get sidetracked with non income producing activities, sales and quality customer service first
THOMAS AW • Service commitment – Persistency – Honesty – Vision – ACTION !
My final thought…Treat your employees as well as you treat your customers…you’ll have a passionate advocate to grow your business within every employee!
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