Live well by serving well


Sanjay Gandhi

Sanjay & I have been friends on LinkedIn and has always been an inspiration in our LinkedIn Group discussions…Here Sanjay offers great advice to restauranters looking to stay in the game for a long time, happily and profitably…

Friends; what I have written is my personal opinion and experience of years together on “Think Positive!”

In these tough economic times in the restaurant and fine dining I feel we need to see that we HIRE, RETAIN, DEVELOP and EDUCATE employees with good character and who have good listening skills, which can bring ultimately more guests and improve the bottom line by showing interest in guests as well as satisfying their needs.
The misconception about servers is that he/she is supposed to talk and talk and talk.  Good servers listen to their guest who are their prospects, ask several short questions, and do not interrupt. This way, a good server finds out how he/she can suggest the most suitable or preferable dish to their guests that will satisfy the maximum needs of the guest.

THINK, Put yourself in the shoes of the guest and think back which restaurant or fine dining place you would prefer to enjoy if you have to downsize your outing? Ultimately you will reach to the roots of restaurant and i.e. Server and Service, obviously the one who helped you fulfill your needs. You would always reach at the server or bartender who fulfilled most of your needs and it is likely that you will not even remember the price of the product you ordered.

I believe selling techniques are almost the same, whatever the product is.  As a professional server and bartender, you have to customize their selling attitude suit their personality and product they suggest. Their basic approach and principle to selling or suggesting remain the same TO INCREASE GUEST CHECK AVERAGE… Character and education place vital role in fine dining.

The most important thing in fine dining and restaurant business, you will be surprised to know that product knowledge is only 10 to 20 percent important, the balance 80 to 90 percent is divided between selling and suggesting skill, quality, consistency, presentation and Server’s or Bartender’s attitude.

In this economic situation, if your next door neighbor runs a restaurant with better and happier staff  who have copied recipes, they make more money than branded restaurants not because they have same recipes but their servers and bartenders are properly educated for providing satisfactory guest service. In my recent past experience, I have burnt my fingers ….I think my hands too, with someone who doesn’t know how to motivate and retain people and they are killing the location of that most loveable brand.

Training and educating staff by positivity, brings more satisfied guest and brings brand loyalty. As a manager or owner one must spread the positive selling attitude which consists of enthusiasm and confidence. Enthusiasm comes from within. Suppose, you know your restaurant or brand offers the best menu item and you are also very sure that your menu item truly satisfies your guest, then you will be really enthusiastic to talk to your guest in your table visit and will talk with your eyes as well as your heart.

Keep confidence in your successful brand. Remember, your guest has to spend money to buy your menu item in your restaurant, so you have to have a good idea about using your selling and satisfying skills in positive direction. Confidence is another factor bring more satisfied guest. Learn confidently to analyze success and failures of the past sales and to build upon them. A doctor cures his patients and learns from each curing and death. A good professional restaurant operator also learn their needs and wants of selling attitude training from either a increase in guests numbers and decrease in guests numbers.

Lets us Think Positive and bring more GUESTS IN YOUR RESTAURANT WHICH PAYS YOUR BILL and INCREASE YOUR GUESTS COUNTS IN FINE DINING RESTAURNT. This is the straight difference between adult guest restaurant having life span of 10 to 15 years and fine dining restaurant running successfully since 35 to 40 years. There is lot to add but THINK POSITIVE.

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