Lucille’s mad as hell!


We’re all feeling the frustration over how our political leaders are handling our economic woes. My dear friend, Lucille Ferry, fires off an e-mail to Senator Bill Nelson here in Florida…a good read!


Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 1:54:55 PM
Subject: RE Presidential Request

The Congress and the President need to sit down with ordinary citizens and listen to what we are saying.  They need to hear what we think.  They need to see things from our perspective.

Senator there are many things that can be done and should be done.  First, we need to cut out the subsidies to the oil companies.  I hate paying for oil at least twice and sometimes even more.  You don’t pay me to research and development and yet I am a struggling nonprofit helping those who can’t get help from other sources.  You don’t pay me to open up new places to help those who desperately need it yet you give millions of dollars to the oil companies who then use it to pump oil that pollutes and oil that helps and that money comes from me and everyone else who pays taxes.  Then we have to pay the oil companies when we pump gas into our cars, kerosene into our heaters, and natural gas into our homes.  Why can’t they take the money they earn from the dollars I spend and reallocate it so that they have less to pay to their “stockholders” and “political caregivers” and do their own R&D with the money they earn.  That would save the taxpayers billions. 

We need to look at why do we have 56 departments of educations, 56 departments of transportation, 56 departments of health and human services.  We need each state to have their departments for their state that is true but we don’t then need the federal government to have a department that takes state monies away that does quite simply nearly the same thing.  Put a task force together of people from each state that can work out a common program that works for everyone and puts every state on the same page.  The federal departments only need to be there to make sure the state departments are in compliance with the programs so that everyone who needs help can get it and those that don’t need it don’t get it. Currently there are people who know that they can go from one state to another long enough to get SS and other services because it is easier in one state and not in another and then move back to the state they truly reside in and continue the services with only a transfer.  The state they reside in cannot refuse them their new services even though they denied them services to begin with.

We currently have a federal guidelines for CDL drivers.  However, what is legal in one state is not in another.  We need to get that fixed so that when a trucker picks up a load in Miami going to Detroit, he does not have to know the rules for each state along his route.  Truckers spend more on fines and regulatory practices than anyone because of this mess.  There should be guidelines that are the same regardless of what state you are traversing.  That goes for non CDL drivers also.  I can see getting a new ID for the new state but what I cannot see is all the changes from one state to another on what you need or what class you have to take, etc. 

By streamlining many of the things above we can save millions of dollars.  By cutting out the subsidies to the oil companies we can save billions.  Let the oil companies earn their money the way everyone else has to, without us having to help them.  They have been in business long enough they can use some of the monies they spend on sports advertising and other programs to keep themselves in business.  By cutting out much of the waste in the DOEd, the DOT, and DOHH we can also save millions of dollars. 

The programs that you cut are for those that need it the most not those that need it the least.  I am disabled and in a wheelchair and have been unable to get services.  I have been told so much trash that I see red every time someone says I have not tried hard enough.  But a person who is an alcoholic can get help and still go out every day and get drunk.  The drunker he/she gets the more help you offer.  But as a person in a wheelchair with mobility issues, I have been told that as long as I can sit at a computer and work I don’t need help.  The flip side of that is that companies do not want the liability of a wheelchair so no matter what kind of experience I have, I can’t get a job.  You say you want to help, cut the waste where it should be cut from those companies that have the ability to earn their money, cut it from the federal government where they are duplicating the state departments and give it to those that do need the help the most. 

If I buy a ticket to a football game, that money goes to pay salaries, advertising, rent on the stadiums etc.  You don’t have a fund they can dip into to make up the difference.  Those teams have to do it themselves. But you provide symphonies and ballet companies with subsidies and then I have to pay a second time when I go to see them in concert.  If they want to exist, then they need to raise the monies they need like everyone else.  They need to earn it.  If I am going to pay taxes for them to exist, then I should be able to go to their concerts without a ticket because I have already paid for my seat. 

Drug companies also are getting subsidies.  Once a drug company has gone public and becomes a stockholding company that is making money, they should not be getting any more money from the federal government.  They can pay their stockholders less and use the difference for R&D or they can just keep manufacturing and selling the current supply of drugs. If they cannot live without subsidies in this country, have them do their research in other companies where the cost of doing the work is less.

Lastly, Congress needs to hold the banks accountable for the mess they put us in the first place.  They gave the subprime mortgages to families.  When those became due for an increase, the banks should have looked at the payment history and if the history was good, the banks should have changed the arm’s to fixed rate mortgages and let the people keep their homes and jobs.  You are as responsible for not holding the banks accountable as anyone else.  The SEC was more concerned with Microsoft’s secret that they failed the people by not seeing or not wanting to see what the banks were doing.  The banks were hoping to be able to make millions and keep things on par but they too failed to see that the person making less than 30K a year and working hard to keep his family together would not be able to make a payment double or triple the amount in 3 to 5 to 7 years.  Congress needs to bring the bank leadership up on charges and put them in federal prison for what they have done.  They need to fire the current SEC and get a new group of people in there.  If someone can be jailed for insider trading on Wall Street, some needs to be jailed for derailing our economy.

L M Ferry


The Foxglove Foundation, Inc.


One Response to “Lucille’s mad as hell!”

  1. I am also a victum here of life threatining contengencies and unlawfull validations for students in the educational systum. hwoe cant provide evedincee like me thqat i was abriged rites in the constittution. and with out a congressional aqusition.

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