Good Boss vs Bad Boss: Thoughts from around the world


A few months ago, I posted this question in my LinkedIn Groups, “What is the major difference between a good boss and a bad boss?”

Here are just a few of  over a thousand I  received from all over the world. Feel free to add your thoughts; especially if you are the boss!

Rahul Bhosale • A good Boss: Takes the time to understand an issue without any prejudice, considers the environmental factors which created the situation in the first place, has the ability to “listen” & “communicate openly” while having the best interests of both the company as well as the employee, is honest with himself and his employees.
A bad Boss: Exactly the opposite.

Gabe Zubizarreta • Leadership defined as the courage to take responsibility for the development of others and oneself.
Passion defined as caring enough to lead.

Lanie Liu • It is really important for employee to learn something new in daily work and achieve more.. That could be a great encouragement to work harder and harder.

Ross Walden, M.B.A., J.D. • Results.

Norman Roth • A good boss is a coach,trainer,mentor,listens and hears you and values you. A good boss invests in your success, a bad boss listens to his/her ego and only looks out for him/her self

Lee St Dennis • A Good Boss does not have to repeat over, and over they are the Boss. A Bad Boss consistently finds it necessary to remind you they are the Boss, and micromanage their employee’s to the point they drain their desire, and creativity to provide quality performance. “Just because you have one, does not mean you have to be one”

Jesse W.g • a Good Boss: is your good teacher, and then the bad boss is your bad teacher.
anyway,you will learn much more from them,and I remember there is a saying “近朱者赤,近墨者黑” this means “one who stays near vermilion gets stained red, and one who stays near ink gets stained black”

Mike Michelozzi • The good one has clarity and respect; the bad one has confusion and disdain.

Derrick Gray • In absolute terms:
A good boss will enable and provide positive learning experiences (wow – how did he do that, I want to be able to …). A bad boss will provide negative learning experiences (how could he of made such an insane choice, I never want to do that.).

Nobody is 100% good or bad, so if the balance is more than more than 50% wow and less than 50% insane, then they are good.

Ameet Mondkar • A Good Boss walks the talk & talks the walk. The Bad one is not so hard to pinpoint!

Chevalier Francis • I think a good boss maximizes the strengths of their employees. A great boss can foster an environment where the employee can admit to and strengthen their weaknesses without feeling the need to cover up mistakes thus stunting their and the companies overall growth.

Joshua Little • “A good boss gruntles the disgruntled.” – Michael Scott

Donna L. Serino • A good boss believes the best of his employees, provides the guidance they need, allowing for times of failure to encourage creativity and equips them for success.

A bad boss believes the worst of his employees, berates them in front of others, creates an atmosphere of fear and sets them up for failure.

Sheila Corbett • A good boss is one that steps outside his/her own personal opinions of staff members and works to help them achieve their best. A bad boss allows personality to enter into the workplace and this type of boss will cause a person not to wish to achieve their best.

Rich Chestnut • A good boss recognizes and acknowledges good work. A bad boss saves his rewards for perfection. I have worked for one bad boss in my career, and I’ll always remember the emptiness of that experience. A good boss will pay tribute to a job well done, and the resulting morale boosts will generate a good working atmosphere.

Julie Jackson • A good boss mentors you, is positive, well liked, and is always ready to lend a hand on any questions. A bad boss puts you down during client presentations for the slightest little thing. Then he calls you every night and goes over your day. He also calls you several times during the day all with an insincere smile on his face.

Lea Hyke • A great boss empowers you and provides you with the tools when you need them to not only further your own success but the path to further success in your career and the future of the company. A great boss is selfless and always corrects with a nurturing hand and guidance not blame and pain. A great boss doesn’t say do this they say here is how you can contribute to this. A great boss thinks about WE not ME. A great boss plans ahead and thinks about obstacles to success in the business planning and people planning, he/she does not make knee jerk decisions that are not thought through. A great boss wants you to be successful because your success in what makes him/her successful.

Martin Anderton • Honesty

Michael Pinto {LION 500+} • The Journey & Appreciation!

People remember how you made them feel and they in turn will deliver a much higher ROI. I see this with all successful companies. Give your people the necessary tools, encourage them, motivate them and they will deliver much more than you asked them to.
If you are just after the end result – the good people will always move on and the rest you will never get rid of. Speaking of course from first hand experience. We also train leaders to be great leaders!

Sridhar Rajarao • Good boss connects with people. Bad boss controls people

Jack Wisniewski • The answer to this question is over 2,500 years old from Lao Tzu: “The wicked leader is he who the people despise. The good leader is he who the people revere. The great leader is he who the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.”

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4 Responses to “Good Boss vs Bad Boss: Thoughts from around the world”

  1. A good boss knows who is in charge ….. the people who are on the floor everyday doing the work …. so listen to their voices and note their noises with respect, dignity and integrity ……

  2. 2 Sean

    A GREAT BOSS has the following attributes:

    Specific skill set experiences and success in the direct capacity they are managing, i.e., inside sales management requires someone who has done inside sales and has managed a sales force

    The desire to build a team vs an empire.

    Builds morale,team cohesion and personal development on a regularly scheduled basis

    Always believes the best, sees the glass as half full, takes personal responsibility

    Finally, follows up on their promises, is organized, smiles often, has a sense of humor, leads by example and never screws around with commissions earned….!

  3. 3 Mike

    A good boss accepts that some subordinates will be better at certain tasks than the boss; that’s what they are being paid to do. A bad boss has a pathological need to be the smartest person in the room, and know the most, and will eliminate anyone who threatens his/her precious self-esteem.

  4. 4 sunder

    Your BUTTERING ART make your boss Good Boss and
    Your Escaping ART make your boss Bad Boss

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