Follow Galileo’s Advice




“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.”

In business, you can’t manage what you can’t measure

Quick Facts

  • Up to 3% of corporate revenues are spent on documents
  • Over 90% of companies are unaware of their actual print costs
  • 35-41% of printers and supplies avoid traditional purchasing approval 

Common Document Challenges

  • Technology Drives Paper
  • Growth of Color Files
  • Expensive Printer Supplies
  • Inefficient Asset Utilization
  • Limited End User Accountability
  • Security Risk

XEROX Managed Print Services

NO Charge Document Assessments

  • See Detailed usage of each network printing device
  • Identify cost savings opportunities
  • Calculate actual cost of all print produced

 Improved Print Routing

Common Document Assessment Outcomes & Benefits


  • Immediate Cost Savings
  • Longevity of Print Devices
  • Less Technical Support
  • Digitization of Hard Copy
  • Improved information security protection

Action Plan

  • Book a 20 minute meeting with us to talk about your current environment
  • Your specific print usage patterns will be reviewed
  • A  free personalized report for your company will be generated that will include- 1) actual usage patterns by device 2)true cost of printing documents and 3) opportunities to better utilize existing and/or new technology
Al Bagocius
Xecutive Documents, Inc.
4651 Salisbury Road
4th Floor, Suite 525
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Tel: 904.475.1280 


For a free, no cost, personalized printing and document processing evaluation and hard copy report- yours to keep-  contact me for an appointment!

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    Yes.It is very essential to follow Galileo’s advise anytime,every time.Thanks for sharing.

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