America 4R Marines




From Patty Lewis

Make 2011 a better year by supporting your brothers and sisters deployed!

Join us in our efforts and focus at America 4R Marines organization! No one has more dedication, passion and pride to the Corps than our Marines past and present! Many Marines tell me they want ” Back in” they want to be in Afghanistan to be there for their brothers, and are not able to re-enlist due to the cut back in the Corps numbers forward or they are older and can’t be considered for re-enlistment. OK then support and have your brothers and sisters back in another way! Please join our organization America 4R Marines on Facebook-
Our organization consists of ALL volunteers- yes no one makes a penny for self benefit! Our only rewards come from knowing we may have lifted the spirits and shown our pride and dedication, letting them see we stand behind our Marines/Corpsman (FWD) 100%!
Website < keep in mind being 100% volunteers we do not have our website updated as it should.

Please do not contact me if you’re trying to sell us something! WE only need and want services that are –
Pro Bono, provided to us because you share the same dedication and passion we do to the Corps!
Semper Fidelis are two words ALL Americans should live by daily!



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