Creative Packaging…Thinking Outside the Box!


Restaurant Menu Covers and a Hardware Giant

Over my 30 years in the creative packaging business, my clients keep coming back to me- to challenge their own conventional thinking.

Case in point… Sargent Manufacturing (, part of the international conglomerate of companies of Assa Abbloy, a leader in the door hardware and security industry wanted to package their varieties of metal finishes for their marketing and sales force presentations.

Since many sales meetings with key customer executives occur over lunch- we came up with a restaurant menu package that holds the Sargent metal finish samples shaped like coins for easy viewing. Each recess is labeled so the Sargent sales rep has a perfect presentation each and every time.


A big shout out thank you to Roger Salls for my photography





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4 Responses to “Creative Packaging…Thinking Outside the Box!”

  1. 1 John Burke

    Brilliant and effective Al,
    Happy Holidays,

  2. 2 Carlene Hodo

    As for me Email Extractor from is a way better

  3. 3 Stuart Rosenberg

    Rmarkable, illuminating and brilliant. Perhaps we can use idea to not only market oroducts but ourselves.

  4. Technology has changed so much about the way we can do things. A lot of hand held devices could be used with this idea!!

    Happy New Year.

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