The M.A.G.I.C. of Customer Service- Communico Style


Honoring & Celebrating 30 years of working together

Do you have customers who can be described as “Almost Family?”

Here’s Communico, Ltd, a leader in the Customer Service field, one of  my “Almost Family” roster of clients

New Book:
How To Talk To Customers

Create A Great Impression Every
Time With MAGIC™


Communico offers customer service training and consulting that delivers measurable results for call centers/contact centers and any customer service organization.  Our MAGIC™ approach helps organizations build a service culture and deliver a consistently positive customer experience. 

  • We’ll assess your service climate and culture
  • Deliver MAGIC customer service training and coaching
  • Reinforce and sustain exceptional service
  • Create measurable results
  • Improve the employee and customer experience

An interactive e-learning tool to increase the quality and consistency
of customer service interactions.

  • Provide a clear standard for exceptional customer service
  • Measure and assess individual, group and overall performance
  • Customize training for the types of interactions faced daily
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Al Bagocius


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