Thanksgiving…Keeping it Alive Throughout the Year!


Thanksgiving is coming.  How do we keep the meaning of the holiday alive beyond the food fest next Thursday?

In spite of our own challenges and time constraints, what are we willing to do for our community, no matter how small, that will make where we live- a better place for all of us?

I invite you to make this a forum for all of us here in Jacksonville to share community service ideas as we slip into the Holiday season.

For me… in support of Xerox’s green initiative programs, I will be orchestrating an ink/toner cartridge recycling program. Details to follow.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Al Bagocius
Xecutive Documents, Inc.
4651 Salisbury Road
4th Floor, Suite 525
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Tel: 904.475.1280 

Program Image

One Response to “Thanksgiving…Keeping it Alive Throughout the Year!”

  1. Hey Thanks back to you Al!
    I appreciate you and all you contribute to our online community.

    I want to also wish you and your entire family, a wonderful Thanksgiving and Joyous Holiday Season.

    Take Care, your friend,
    Met Rivers

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