Strategy for improving student performance…Just sit on it!




There has been a lot of talk recently about improving student performance in K-12 schools and I suggest one stratagem that has worked well for me and may be a valuable lesson for others.

Several years ago my daughter was in the 5th grade and was falling behind both in attitude and performance. 


Having been a teacher, I know that parent involvement is a major deciding factor  in improving student performance.  

After the 1st quarter of poor performance, I decided to sit in my daughter’s classroom (right next to her) to help in her studies and act as a teacher support person in her classroom. Science experiments and music experiences (I played trumpet) were my mode of participation. This lasted for two days.  

After crying and promising to do better, my daughter miraculously improved especially after me offering to come in on the 3rd day with my US Marine Corps battle fatigues if she needed further help.  

Since then, my daughter became an honor student through high school, graduated from the University of Connecticut on the Dean’s list, earned her master’s degree and is now getting ready to start her third year of teaching 4th grade.  

Sometimes in conversation- she reminds me how much my involvement turned her grades around and what a difference a two-day investment made for all of us.  

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2 Responses to “Strategy for improving student performance…Just sit on it!”

  1. Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That’s a great story Al. Well done!

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