Way to go Chicago!


Photo: Skyline Panoramic from Planetarium

I’ve been spending a good part of this week in Chicago & took up the opportunity to see a Rush Concert Wednesday night @ the Charter One Pavillion.

What was @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os-gwEE0EUs and what would have been @http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D44HWu_cj6o&NR=1

In spite of the rained out concert where everyone got soaked- the mass entrance & exodus to & from the Charter One Pavillion was a great exhibition of Chicago humanity.

Everyone I met helped each other during the deluge & took their time & turn in exiting the area.

The Chicago style pizza @ Giordano’s downtown made it all worth while!

Thank You Chicago!

Al Bagocius is LinkedIn @ www.linkedin.com/in/albagocius

One Response to “Way to go Chicago!”

  1. 1 Debra F. Fletcher

    Wow, that’s great about how everyone showed such humanity by helping each other! And about the Chicago style pizza, I’ve been wanting to try some, every since I saw it on tv! Good story!

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