Happy Birthday to the American Ideal


Having been born and raised in the historic Philadelphia area and before moving to Florida, I lived not far from a colonial house located in Ridgefield, Connecticut that still has a British cannon ball lodged in it’s sidewall, hence-  July 4th has special meaning to me as well as for many other Americans.

During this 4th of July Holiday Weekend, may I suggest we take a few moments to thank all our patriots, both civilian & military, past and present who endured and sacrified for the honor of this amazing country we call the United States of America.

May we also remember the last passage of the Declaration of Independence for which the Signers agreeded to the following… We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

13-Star Betsy Ross Flag

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday to the American Ideal”

  1. I love the 4th of July. I love celebrating our nations history. I hope one day to be able to go to Philadelphia and see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the other historical places. I also salute those who are and have fought valiantly for our country. America is the best, I do wear the red, white and blue with honor, and veterans are America’s fighting heroes.

    Happy 4th to you and your family.

  2. 2 Margaret Hardy

    Thank you and the same wishes are entended to you and your family. Let’s pray that the US gets back to what it should be and not where it is headed right now.

  3. 3 Jeanne Peterson

    As a fellow Philadelphian, I appreciate the history as well. I graduated high school in the bicentennial class (1976), and worked on a production of 1776 downtown that summer. May we all remember the heritage, and try to honor our founding fathers in how we act as members of this society.
    Happy 4th of July.

  4. 4 Dan Ballinger, BetterStaf Inc

    I too love the 4th of July and actually all veteran holidays as it reminds us of the great freedom we have as Americans. I salute all veterans, their families and all the other civilians that support the individuals that continually to ensure we have those freedoms. I salute my own family also who has an excellent tradition of serving (two sons that served and one about to go to Iraq for 2nd time, son-in-law that is serving and has served 3 times in Iraq, daughter in law who has served, 3 brother in laws who served and one sister in law who served, Father and Father in Law (both deceased) who served, Grandfather who served and by the way, even I (21 years). Great Country.

  5. 5 pattieallbeef

    We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

    I thank you for pointing this out and may I remind everyone Amendment X declares the powers not delegated to Congress or the States are reserved for the people.

    “powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution of the United States are reserved to the states or the people.”

    I think that makes the final argument for this Declaration of Global Human Rights

  6. 6 Tom Bergmann

    Well said and I would add this quote by George Washington to the discussion. “No country on Earth ever had it more in its power to attain these blessings that United America. Wondrously strange, then, and much to be regretted indeed would it be, were we to neglect the means and to stray from the road to which the finger of Providence has so manifestly pointed; I cannot believe it will ever come to pass!”

    Here is to doing our collective part to ensure the country does not stray from Providence’s path.

  7. 7 Gopi chauhan

    Thank you and the same wishes are entended to you and your family.
    Happy 4th to you and your family.

  8. 8 Mike

    Sounds similar to a declaration hundreds of years earlier …

    “…for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

    Sadly they were eventually bought and sold, for English gold. Such a parcel of rogues, in a nation.

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